Back in January, i stepped up onto our weight and was chocked a the huge gain I have had the past years! In short, i was weighing a total of 108,3 kilograms! At a height of 184 centimeters, that’s quite a large BMI of 32.

I was chocked and decided to act upon it.

So i finally decided to tryout Cross Fit, and did I find what i was looking for? Oh yes. Although Cross Fit as such did not give me any significant weight loss, it came from putting myself on a diet. No more starch basically and no more weekend candy.

I’m now at 95,2 kilos with a BMI of 28,1, my fat percentage has dropped from 25,2% to 17,2% since early February, and I’m happy as hell. In fact my metabolic age dropped from 44 to 23.

So how did Cross fit do that to me?
I got motivated! In the sense that the people in our box, were helpful, open minded and not at all judging. Where I previously went to the local gym and you felt like looked down upon unless you were a bodybuilder look-a-like.

If you’re considering increasing your fitness, take two minutes to watch this video :-)

Feel free to follow my workouts. I write down all WODs and times down here, on my Workout page.

More on Crossfit (Wikipedia)

Graphics Card Crash – And why EVGA is my preferred choice!

So, after not being home for a weekend, I come home and turn on my computer, there’s a weird windows kernel graphics driver error, and my Graphics card somehow seems to obtain a flaw!

I try rebooting the computer as i suspected it being an error in windows, but no change. So i try to uninstall the driver and re-install it, without and results. Video of the attempt to install the video card driver can be seen here.

So, after concluding my card is busted, I go to and log into the site, fill out a support ticket, as I bought my 580 GTX there years back. And as i back when i got it, registered the card within the 30 day limit, I am apparently entitled to a 10 year limited warrenty. On top of this, support replies, that from what i described i should RMA the card.

3 days later, the UPS guy is in my Driveway, and gives me a package from EVGA, containing a EVGA GeForce GTX 670 Signature 2 card :-O

So basically they upgraded me as well, since the 580 GTX weren’t in stock anymore. I am so great full, and just have to share this.

Grand Theft Auto V – GTA Online

So, I have been putting some hours into GTA Online, the online multiplayer version of GTA V.

Im having a blast running around wrecking havoc in the free roam sessions. And like everyone else Im waiting for Heists to be unlocked, so we can start doing that.

Meanwhile I have been spending quite some time in the Bad Sport pool! And THAT annoys me, first time it was 48 hours, 2nd time it was 96 hours, and currently im due for 192 hours, which is 8 freakkin days. Just for blowing up personal cars on guys with a bounty on their head. I hope Rockstar eventually adjust this “feature” since now its gotten me to buy BattleField 4, as bad sport pool is filled with glitchers and pepple who really deserve to be there.!

Heres a picture of the wonderfull DUNCE has you get when youre a Bad Sport!DUNCE hat on Knuspar

My awfull DUNCE hat in a Bad Sport session. In my CREW shirt =)

Whats your opinion on the Bad Sport “feature”?