Been back at work for two days, and i already hate it =/ I was just getting used to my holiday :)

My girlfriend and me went to Samsoe from 28th july to 4th august. We had a nice holiday, not the best weather in the world. You could be sarcastic and call it a typical danish summer i guess :(

We had a few visitors, and were actually quite social on our vacation :) My girlfriends parents visited for a day, and we saw the northern part of the island. And then after that we had a few days to ourselves :)

Wednesday evening a pair of our friends+ daughter came to visit us. The girls, all three of them, could be social, and Jesper and I went for some underwater spear-gun hunting. We did not have the luckiest dives on the planet, and the weather was pretty much against us, but we had a nice time diving and talking etc.

Here below are some random pictures from the trip, eventually i will upload them all to the gallery :)

3 Responses to Samsoe
  1. Kenneth Skytthe

    Hvordan kan der være så godt vejr der ovre, når der er lorte vejr alle andre steder, jeg vil have refunderet min ferie :P

  2. Knuspar

    Du lod da selv lytterne på P3 diktere din ferie .. med andre ord bad du selv om det ;)

  3. Kenneth Skytthe

    Flyvergrillen, hvad sker der… Det kan man sq da ikke kalde ferie

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