HTC Touch Diamond

Yes, im getting one. I’m totally mad about it, and i don’t even have it yet.

Its nicknamed “iPhone killer” i don’t know if its true, but the few pros/cons im aware of are:

Diamond can send & receive MMS, iPhone can not. Diamond can be used to view Java & Flash in the browser, iPhone can not. Diamond can dial in via VPN to a company’s network, iPhone can not. Diamond uses windows mobile 6.1, iPhone uses MacOS .. that’s a good thing for a guy like me, who’s got hes own exchange server etc. And, even if iPhone can do some of these things, its probably gonna be with 3rd party applications =/

Anyways, its on its way to me, and once i get it, i will try to make a tiny “review” of it :) Till then, enjoy this presentation video of the HTC Touch Diamond!

Edited August 23rd 2011, video link removed as its a 404.

One Response to HTC Touch Diamond
  1. Emeris

    That is some of the finest computer geek “porn” I’ve seen in ages.

    It seems like only yesterday when mobiles where the size of 2 house bricks and you were elated if you could get a signal with out having to stand on your roof. Now you can surf the net, check the weather and start thermonuclear war all with a custom ring tone. Now that is progress 8P

    /Wave everyone

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