after quitting my job at / i had to take over the dsl line they had provided me with not to be “internet-less”.

However, the dsl was with my old company which was TDC, and they apparently still suck big time when it comes to pricing. So, i decided to go with Fullrate, who can offer me 4 times the upload for the same price. And the funny thing about it, is that they use TDCs DSLAMs :)

2 Responses to New ISP
  1. Leon

    Well Fullrate is not the most reliable ISP, you should try TELIA

    • Knuspar

      Depends on who you ask i guess? First of all .. Telia is never gonna be my ISP, in fact if they were the only DSL option i had, i would use my cellphone to go online with. I havent had any problems what so ever with Fullrate either, so pure thumbs up from here so far :)

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