Disneyland After Dark

or probably just as well know as DAD, at least here in Denmark. Anyway, I have been invited by a friend to come see them in Randers Arena, and so by god we will =) January 31st is the night its gonna happen, and I’m so looking forward to it. It far from the first time i have experienced them, countless times at Grųn koncert and on two occasions at company parties during my employment with TDC A/S as well.

Meanwhile, this is also my personal tribute to a great concept called Deezer, where you can listen legally to a lot of music at ones request.

Sensation Ocean White 2008

So, like i wrote previously, i went to Sensation White 2008 in Copenhagen this weekend.

It was nothing short of fantastic, at least that’s what i think. We had a blast, the music was great, though DJ Tiga could have played less repetitive music if you ask me.

I snapped some pictures at the event, compact digital cameras and large dark rooms just don’t work THAT well together, so some of the pictures are quite blurry.

If those pictures arent enough, then heres a link to the official Sensation Photo stream from Denmark.

Update: Here is a 3 minute video from Kjeld Tolstrups session that i recorded

Sensation White 2008

After missing out on DJ Tiėsto last year in Copenhagen due to a small accident. I was thrilled to discover that Sensation White will be coming to Denmark as well. So i off course ordered my ticket already, going with some old school friends of mine, and i just can fucking wait :D

All i need to be ready is my white jeans, sneakers, t-shirt, sunglasses and boxers! One has to fit in with the dress-code :)

DJ Tiƫsto in Denmark

DJ Tiƫsto has decided to swing by Denmark as a part of hes Elements of Life tour! Fantastic news for a guy like me, who very much like hes music and always wanted to go to a dance event, but never did. And now i will end up having the privilege of listening to hes music in a live session alongside up to 25000 people in Parken in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Thats just nothing short of fantastic in my opinion! I’m looking very much forward to it :)

The event is not due till 10th November this year, but i have my ticket, and I’m SO ready!

Madonna in concert !

Concert was a blast, nothing more and nothing less, a once in a lifetime experience. I assume that this particular concert was her last ever in Denmark, just as it was her frist. The concert was awesome, eventhough the danish press gave it a somewhat chilled bunch of recommendations, i assume some from the press were invited as VIP guests, which were in the back of the field ( a what a large field it was, 85000 people outdoors ) and they couldent do much but eat some good food, and watch it thrugh boniculars ;) Good thing they payed more than 4 times the price of my ticker for that :) Here you have a a picture from it, i will upload more later.

This picture is from when she performed “I Love New York”.

Madonna concert …

is coming closer, thursday 24th august, first time in Denmark, ever. And i will be there, with my grilfriend, and some of her family and some of our friends :) It will be great, lets just hope the weather is with us, as it is a openair concert. 85.000 people gathered on a stadium with 7 times the size of a football field. Songs she will play will most likely be like the picture attached here. Its her “playlist” from a danish newspaper, from what she played in LA. For even more madonna info, visit http://www.madonna.com/ and for more specific tour info, visit http://www.confessionstour.com/

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