Time to dive!

This is actually more a reminder to my self, but i seriously need to get my ass in gear, and get diving soon. Staying above water for months make my mind all fucked up =/

So, within the next 2 weekends, i need to go diving. Preferably SCUBA diving, otherwise i will have to settle for some free diving along the coast of Djursland!

Also, as for hardware, I just got some new parts for my H2O cooling, like a bigger reservoir and some new tubing. So time to pull out that darn air pushing fan, and replace it with my water cooling kit again =) That should allow me to overclock my q6600 back to around 3.6GHz.

In other news, i actually bought some software, i bought NOD32 Anti virus program. Haven’t found anything yet, and probably will not since my hardware firewall already scans everything vital as it comes through =)

ZoTAC 8800 GT AMP Edition

The past two weeks i have been doing A LOT of hardware testing. To start from an end, i decided it was time to let my old trusted Club3D GeForce 7800 GTX 256MB Graphics card be replaced by one of these new powerful GeForce 8800 GT cards. After reading loads of reviews, and checking stock at various online shops i decided to but a ZoTAC 8800 GT AMP over a EVGA 8800 GTS SSC, simply because of supply problems from EVGA. Anyways, this would be the start to the most annoying issue of hardware problems i ever experienced.

First of, i uninstall my 7800 GTX driver from my Vista 32bit installation, shutdown my computer, and replace the 78800 GTX with the 8800 GT card. I boot it up, run a drive sweeper to remove the remains from the old driver, and reboot again. Then i install the, at the time, newest driver for the 8800 GT card downloaded from nvidia.com and reboot again. I then try to run some 3D applications ( Call Of Duty 4, Crysis etc.) and i just can not get anything above 5 FPS ! I do some testing, and end up RMAing the 8800 GT card back to Clanshop.dk where i bought it. The guy from Clanshop calls me, and tells me, hes afraid its not the card, but something else in my system that does not work properly. He agrees to lend me hes own BFG 8800 GT OC card, just so i can be 100% sure its not the gfx card, pretty nice of him if you ask me :) However, the BFG 8800 GT OC card has the same “problem” in my computer. I don’t really know where to start looking for the error. So i do alot of goggling, and start a few threads on various hardware forums, and end up looking at Abits forums. At the time i had a Abit I35 Pro main board, and i read that some people had problems with the new 8800 GT cards. And some question weather r not certain revisions of the main board can handle PCIE 2.0 graphics cards, such as the 88800 GT.

Desperate for finding a solution, i decide to buy a new motherboard. I order an ASUS Maximus Formula motherboard, with a X38 chipset with native PCIE 2.0 slots in it. That should rule out the possibility of the slot not being backward compatible. After a little hassle removing my Water cooling system from the Abit I35 Pro main board, i get the ASUS Maximus plugged in, boot it up, and start up COD4 again. 5 FPS still. I have no idea what the problem is. Until a bloke writes on a forum that he heard of people with a similar issue, who had the same PSU as me!

I read the threads he refers to and come to the conclusion that i should contact NorthQ first thing Monday morning. So, i call NorthQ, and hes says, like its the most natural thing in the world;”Yes, its true, our 1000 Watt and 850 Watt PSUs don’t work with the new 8800GT cards…” and im like;”Okay then, so what are you going to do to solve it?”, he says;”Were awaiting response from NVidia on the issue, till then nothing…” he then suggest i RMA the PSU with the retail store i bought it, and so i do. Fortunately, they give me the money back that i payed for the PSU ~7 months ago. And i bought a new PSU, a be quiet! 600 Watt Dark Power, and with that my system now performs as its suppose to, despite the fact i did not reinstall even though i changed motherboard!

So in short, stay away from the NorthQ 1000 Watt Giant Reactor PSU, at least till they come with an official statement on how the problem can be solved.

Note, that Silverstone 850Watt, Antec 850Watt and Antec 1000 Watt as well as NorthQ 850 Watt has the same problem.

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

I am … working on becoming a Rock legend :)

I got the game Guitar Hero 3: Legends Of Rock for Wii as an early Christmas present from my girlfriend last night. And so, the night just vanished and i had spent roughly 5 hours playing a virtual guitar in my living room :) WOW, this game is awesome, and insanely entertaining!

Not knowing this game, is almost a mortal sin, at least thats what i think now. Its the most brilliant and entertaining game i have played for .. well, several years ! To see what i am talking about, i would like to suggest looking at some of the guitar hero 3videos from Youtube, they can be found here.

This could end up being a swell game for new years eve, where we are having friends over :D

Watercooling for my PC

Finally i got my self moving from air to water cooling. I did it for performance as well as lowering the noise from my machine.

The parts i bought, that are worth mentioning are:

Swiftech Apogee GT, XSPC 5.25? Bay Reservoir Pump, HW-Labs GT Stealth radiator cooled by one Scythe S-Flex SFF21D.

The setup all fits inside my Antec P-180B case, which im happy with. Here are some pictures.

A small update

A little summarization from the past days;

I got some new hardware form my stationary PC, and added some more HD space to my server. I still need to get myself a new and insane graphics card for my stationary, but that will have to wait for now.

I finally got around to updating word press, which is the foundation of my homepage/blog here. Its now version 2.3, but it appears to have lots of bugs, so i will update to a 2.3.x something beta shortly i think, because some of the bugs sound a bit serious :)

I started taking my drivers license ( at age 29, i would say its about time :)) however, i will stick with the theory until i can walk again. I’m currently still immobilized because of that damn ankle damage. Perhaps i should check with my doctor, after all, its been 4 weeks since it happened.

I’m still in a learning phase at my new job, but i really like it. I think the job suits me nothing less than perfect, so I’m very glad i took the change :)

On a side note, theres now only 3 months left till our baby is due ;)

New cell phone!

Just before we are leaving for Tunisia, i decided to order a new cell phone. My old trusted W800i have served me well, but the connectors from the phone to the headset and the charged have been worn down. So i have to keep it pushed in manually for it to have connection.

Pretty annoying, and so i ordered a W660i from Telmore. Pretty much the same phone, just with another color, but same functionality. This uses another memory card than the old phone though, and it also has 3G. I should be here when i come home from my vacation next Thursday :)

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