Im now a dad!

Very short summary! Yesterday (24th January 2008) my girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful girl weighing 3210 grams and 50 centimeters long. A very pretty little one :) I’m with my girlfriend in the hospital until Monday, after that i will update with pictures of the little one :)

Also, the launch of our new family site is NOW :) From this day forth, everything related to our little family will be posted on http://www.sø so bookmark away. Also, http://www.sø is in danish :)

Og på dansk, som i ved er jeg blevet far, og dem som vil læse mere om fødslen og vores families videre liv, kan “følge” det på http://www.sø som er vores lille families nye websted. Det kommer til at foregå 100% på dansk, hvor denne side ( ) kommer til at fortsætte på engelsk :)

Update: Added pictures now on http://www.sø if you don’t have a plug in to convert æøå in urls, use this link:

Its closing in on me!

Well, the topic makes it sound a lot worse than it is :) But there’s a few chapters in my life that’s gonna change shortly. Tuesday 22nd January, i have a drivers test, if i pass, i get my drivers license. (some would say 11 year s too late .. ) This will end a chapter in it self, as the process of taking the damned license was way to long for my liking. But it has to be done, as im about to embark on a journey into the unknown with my girlfriend .. as we are most likely only days from becoming parents. A thing that i, from friends and family, hear is the most fantastic experience you will ever have. I mean, not being able to drive a car with my pregnant girlfriend to the hospital when the time is due, would be downright catastrophic!

The passing week was also the first week where i went swimming again since i twisted my ankle :( It was a hard time swimming, as i discovered i was stiffer in my ankle than i expected. Oh well, more training will make it better. I’m expecting to become a regular guest in the swim stadium this year. Reason? Well, simple, i have been getting fatter and fatter over the past 5-6 year, and for the past few years, i have usually been a big heavier around Christmas then in the summer. But it has to change now, the past few days i have fallen over several pictures taken ~5 years ago. And i like who i looked back then better than now :( Also, my neoprene suit for diving wont fit all sizes :) And i really need to get dipping again.

Upcoming launch for a danish site/blog is immanent, as i know several from our family will prefer stuff written in danish about our baby :) More about that later :)

Toyota Corolla 1.3 XLi

Ja, som overskriften hentyder til, saa er vi blevet bil ejere. Tusind tak til Iver fordi han gad bruge tid paa at finde den helt rigtige bil til os, hvis alle havde saadan en supermand til at finde en bil med, saa ville verden blive et bedre sted :)

Dette er ogsaa det foerste indlaeg paa dansk, da jeg gerne vil have at alle kan foelge med i hvad her foregaar. Jeg skal lige se om det er noget jeg gider, hovedaarsagen til det er at dem i vores familie som ikke laeser engelsk ikke skal snydes, saa maaske det bliver et kompromis omkring det skal vaere dansk naar det er relateret til ting jeg vil dele med dem, og engelsk naar det er ting jeg vil dele med resten af verden. Hvem ved, mon ikke jeg brygger et lille site omkring vores lille, soon-to-be familie, saa jeg kan adskille det lidt, da jeg jo godt kan lide at skrive lidt om hardware og alle mulige andre noerdede ting som resten af min familie noedvendigvis ikke interessere sig for :)

Her er lige et par billeder af vores Toyota Corolla 1.3 XLi Station-car fra 1995.

Short recap in english: got a new car, thrilled about it, thanks to my dad for finding and buying it. Considering to go danish with the blog still, unless i buy a domain name for our small family and use that for family related stuff and this blog for personal stuff :)

No news is good news

currently nothing to write about really.

My ankle i getting a lot better, still hurts when i walk, although i do work normally ( more or less anyways).

Also considering making the blog totally danish, since i think my parents and parents in law would prefer it that way once i start spamming the site with stories and pictures of the daughter were having January 2008 :D

Just not sure how exactly I’m gonna do that, i don’t feel like translating all the old stuff, but i guess time will tell :)

Its a girl ! :D

Todays scan ( 20 week scan ) of our to be baby, showed it was a girl :D And everything was fine off course, so thats just perfect :D

Heres two pictures from the scan :) (None showing if its a girl or not, she did not print those pictures :))

Randers Regnskov

Its a tropical zoo in Denmark, located near a city called Randers. You get to see all kinds of tropical animals from the parts of the world. Asia, Africa and South America. Its truly a fascinating place, i could spend a lot of time there for sure. worth a visit in my opinion :) You can find their homepage here.

A few pictures from the place.

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