Shark conservation!

Has gotten my interest, not that i dident have it, but after watching Sharkwater i feel obligated to help in whatever way i can. I cant really explain it, but i see my self as more of a Discovery Channel generation than a MTV generation kid. And i have always been a great fan of nature despite me being a bit nerdy focusing so much on computers etc. at times.

Anyways, my point is, you should watch Sharkwater, with a open mind off course, some of it is probably more propaganda than facts ( like the quote “Soda pop machines kill more people than sharks”) which i actually think is a shame they write, that made the movie go a bit more un serious than what i think was intended.

The fact that sharks are being hunted solely for their fins (which they are!) is much like elefants being killed soley for they ivory tusks! The difference is though, that people love to hate sharks and therefor don’t give a rats ass about them dying.

So, i was catching my self thinking, if it wasn’t for my 6 months old daughter and my soon to be wife, and the fact that im somewhat a materialist. I need the income for us to uphold our living standards .. What im saying is, god i would have joined the Sea Shephard if i had been single !


Cinema trip!

Tonight I’m going to the cinema with a buddy, were going to watch Transformers, and after that we will take a look at Die Hard 4.0, also known as Live Free or Die Hard.

After reading a mixed variety of reviews of both movies, i don’t know what to expect, as long as I’m entertained.. then who gives a fu*k ? ;) I know i don’t! Tomorrow i will fill in my personal opinion on both movies.

Thats just about all I’m gonna do today :) Besides chilling a bit of GTR2 with my Logitech MOMO Wheel ;)

UPDATE: Well, both movies were my taste, so i actually liked them both. Sad thing though, that Die Hard 4.0 was made PG13, no more blood, no MacClane smoking, and no more bad cursing. Transformers was a nice action movie with a lot of special effects. I liked it, some hate it =/

Samsung 37″ installed!

Damn .. that took longer than expected!

Anyways, i got the screen last night, but was on the way out the door to visit some friends, so i just received the package, and today as i got home from work i unwrapped it, to mount it with the wall mount i bought as well.

It was quite unhandy since i was basically doing it alone, and the fear of bumping into something while juggling with the 37″ while removing screws from the foot it came mounted with, made it take a bit longer than needed.

However, as I got the holes drilled ( in our insanely fortified concrete wall! ), it was cake really, theres not much room to get my hands behind the screen, but since thats not somewhere you want to be all the time, plus the fact i prefer it as close to the wall as possible, thats just fine :)

As i assumed i was done, and had the screen positioned just as i wanted to, my girlfriend decided to look away from the old 28″ CRT TV she was watching reality crap on, and comment on the positioning. And could i have placed it correctly at all? I don’t think so, she told me it was 15 centimeters too high, so i had to pull down the whole damn thing, and put it back up after drilling more holes and cursing and swearing even more =/

But NOW its perfectly fitted :) Now i just need to get some proper lengthen antenna cable, and some cable trays so it can look nice and tidy :)

Below are some pictures from the installation!

Samsung 37? is here!

Finally I got my Samsung 37? LE-37M87BD TV. It has just been delivered with a local freight service, and now me and the girlfriend is off to visit some friends. I will post pictures of it a bit later tonight, and write a bit more about it :D

Here are some pictures!

HD-DVD Processingkey


You might wonder what excatly that means, well, what the topic says.

Actually, as far as i understand, its the HEX code that breaks the current encryption on HD-DVD discs.

Theres several articles and posts on the internet already about this. And every time it appears somewhere, someone starts to threaten to sue people for posting it. Solely based on that I’m posting it as well, its a simple matter of freedom of speech.

One of the online blogs where it has been censored away, can be found here.

AACS, who are the ones behind the encryption system even tried to make google remove all references to sites of bloggers who posted the key, i wonder if they will make google remove that somewhat 1.9 million hits it has on that key ;)

Read the letter ACCS sent goggle, by clicking here.

Samsung 37″ LE-37M87BD

I have fallen in love .. with another piece of hardware, this time though, not something directly for my computer needs.

For a long time I wanted to have a replacement for my old Samsung 28″ CRT tv, which is immensely huge and ugly. And the other day i saw the Samsung 37″ LE-37M87BD. It suits me in every way possible. Its 37″ which is enough for our relatively small living room, it has Full-HD support, which means its capable of 1080p and it even has a built-in digital tuner. In short: the flat screen monitor of my dreams :) On top of all this, its fairly cheap considering equally quality products compared to Sony’s products.

Its fair to say I put in the hours at work to buy this, my girlfriend actually claims I lived at work for the past few weeks:) Also, it will surely, be nice for watching some movies on :)

Update: Now i actually have it, look here for when it was delivered. And here for the installation :)

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