Back in January, i stepped up onto our weight and was chocked a the huge gain I have had the past years! In short, i was weighing a total of 108,3 kilograms! At a height of 184 centimeters, that’s quite a large BMI of 32.

I was chocked and decided to act upon it.

So i finally decided to tryout Cross Fit, and did I find what i was looking for? Oh yes. Although Cross Fit as such did not give me any significant weight loss, it came from putting myself on a diet. No more starch basically and no more weekend candy.

I’m now at 95,2 kilos with a BMI of 28,1, my fat percentage has dropped from 25,2% to 17,2% since early February, and I’m happy as hell. In fact my metabolic age dropped from 44 to 23.

So how did Cross fit do that to me?
I got motivated! In the sense that the people in our box, were helpful, open minded and not at all judging. Where I previously went to the local gym and you felt like looked down upon unless you were a bodybuilder look-a-like.

If you’re considering increasing your fitness, take two minutes to watch this video :-)

Feel free to follow my workouts. I write down all WODs and times down here, on my Workout page.

More on Crossfit (Wikipedia)

Almost Nine months…

since my last update, thats far too long!

Mean while loads of stuff happend, my running is a bit up and down, I tend to start out too hard after long breaks, giving me shin splits!

I watched KMD Ironman last weekend live on, I had a few friends who actually comptede, and I was amased by their effort, I dream to once do that. Although time is not exactly on my side as i turned 35, but again, life aint over just because you turned 35 :)

As for gaming, well, I havent really played much as I have had lost of other things to do, but a little bit of World Of Tanks I have played, and I will try to keep playing it a bit this time, although not too much as I tend to do.

Also, im playing a iOS game!! Vs. Racing 2, its quite fun :)