Freshwater dive in Almind Lake, Denmark

Went for a dive today in Almind Lake. Its a fresh water lake, where there supposedly should be great visibility. Today was descent visibility, but i could easily have been better. I did get to take a few descent photos though :)

Log for the dive can be viewed here.
Photos are here below-

Switch from home built server to QNAP TS-419+

After having had a custom server running in my office for almost 6 years, I decided to plug-in a Watt meter the other night to measure exactly how much power it was drawing. I was shocked ..

Before I reveal what happend afterwards let me first explain that I always used my “old” gaming rig as base for a server. So when my main computer was upgraded, the old parts were usually moved into the server, except for graphics card card. I always had a low profile, passive cooled, low-end in the server, as it would be accesed using remote desktop anyways. The server was also always set the server op for power saving mode, so when it wasent used it ould almost go into sleep mode. Rough server specs were:

    CPU: q6600, RAM: 4 GB DDR2, SSD: 1x 40 GB, HDD: 5x 500 GB, 1x 750 GB, 3x 1000 GB, PSU: 650 Watt ,FANs: 5x120mm (Including the one for CPU cooling)

Back to the Watt meter, it showed 153 Watt when IDLE! At boot up it would consume 330 Watt!
So, how much is that a day? Or per year?

    153 Watt * 24 Hours = 3672/1000 3,672 KWH a day
    Current pricing where I live is 1,69 kroner per KWH, so
    3,672*1,69 = 6,20 kroner per day or 6,20*365 = 2263 kroner per year!

2263 kroner a year, just in power!

I had for some time been looking at the “Nas World” and never found any good reason because I would be limited in what i could do with my server then. If i had a Server running on a “2nd generation high-end PC” i would always have extra power for hosting a game server. Now i was a t a point where i had to reconsider if i needed that freedom at all.

I made a quick calculation on what a NAS would cost pr. year running. I found a QNAP TS-419P+ Nas that looked to be able to offer what i really needed, or more correctly, i had everything i knew i would want, and then some. Two main things were posibility to have lots of space and low power consumption. It can handle 4 disk of up to 3 TB a piece, so a total of 12 TB and according to its specs it peaks at 31 Watt ( although thats with 4 x 500 GB disks ). Running cost per year with 31 Watt constantly would be:

    31 * 24 = 744/1000 = 0,744 KWH a day
    The price of a KWH is still 1,69 kroner per KWH, so
    0,744*1,69 = 1,25 kroner per day or 1,25*365 = 456,25 kroner per year!

Thats a yearly saving of 2263 – 456,25 = 1806,75 kroner per year! Do note that i calculated the NAS running cost as if its working all the time, and the Sever calculation was made while the system was idle.

Since i got the NAS, i discovered that i actually dont need all the things I used to convince my self i should have a powerfull server for. Also, i have found numerous cool small things to install on it, like iStat, CrashPlan, TwonkyMedia just to mention a few.

On top of this Im starting to love this whole SSH Console thing, so trying to move away from the, otherwise, pretty webGUI the Qnap comes with.

Users strike back at Ubisoft because of DRM

Ubisoft is, like many other large game companys, very focused on protecting their games with one or another DRM software. As for the game From Dust, this is a little special thing. The game was first announced to be without Ubisoft’s “always-on-DRM” what so ever, but prior to release Ubisoft changed their minds and added their dreadfull “always-on-DRM”.

This resulted in many pre-ordering a nonDRM game, ending up with a DRM loaded title that many had problems getting to launch properly. People on STEAM started getting refunds because of this ( hitting their pockets ) and soon after Ubisoft followed up by offering moneyback as well.

So, why is this worth writing about?

It is because Ubisoft gave in to the masses, and just yesterday announced that an upcoming patch will remove the DRM from From Dust to PC.

Battlefield 3 just beat Modern Warfare 3

its a provocative titel. I personally dont belive the two games/franchies are even close to competing, as BF delivers a less “rail-gun”-like experience with a tighter and much more social community. Where as CoD series, to me, ever since CoD2 choose the console side as a primary dedication with matchmaking, rail-shoting with small tight CQB maps.

Today EA/DICE revealed a Multiplayer trailer from the upcoming game, Battlefield 3. It takes place on the map Caspian Border, and shows 64 player action with jets, tanks, humvees and infantry. It will be massive!

Also enjoy the PS3 BF3 CO-OP video

And if you want to see the whole BF3 part of the EA Pressconference, check out this video.

Battlefield 3 Will NOT be on STEAM!

Official EA sources say: NO BF3 on STEAM

The twitter message says it all. BF3 wont be on STEAM!

Its a purely buisness oriented if you ask me. EA/DICE desgined it with the purpose to “break” Valve/Steams guidelines so they would have a legit public reason to not put it on steam. Im not, like others, saying they did it to be a Origin exclusive, because its not, its on D”D and other DD services as well.

I hope that some of the many guys i have spoken too stand by their desicion not to buy the game, but if most are die hard BF fans like my self, they will have to choose wisely, they shoould preorder the game as a hardcopy instead of on Origin to make a statement, again this is easy said, as I my self have ordered it on Origin for two reasons, one, i refuse to have hard copys in the year 2011, and reason number two, i need my BF fix so i wanna join the BETA.

For more in detail information, read the full blog post by EA, that can be done here.

Dropped my iPhone4 earliere today

it did NOT make it … :(

So tomorrow or friday, im off to get it repaied via The saddest thing about it is that i actually got the phone shortly after release, so short that i was given a free 30€ bumper for it, and i stopped using the bumper just a month or so ago :(

Dammit one feel naked without my precious!

My Precious .. destroyed!

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