Running again …

after being in London, where i bought a new pair of running shoes (Asics Nimbus 13). I started running again. You can follow my runs on my workout page. I log them via Endomondo on my iPhone, where i also use a Waoo Heart Rate monitor as well.

The funny thing is, prior to using the Heart Rate monitor, it said that i with my current height and weight would burn approximately 550 cal on a 5km run, but after using the Heart Rate belt it has dropped to ~430 cal. I’m assuming its because I’m apparently more fit than the average guy with my weight and height, otherwise Endomondos calculations are just way off.

Still gaming

its been quite a while since my last post. Mostly because i have been too occupied by other things.

I am still gaming, and participating in lots of betas and alphas.

Months ago, shortly after Close Quarters, i more or less stopped playing Battlefield 3. I simply just had enough i think. A friend convinced me to give Word Of Tanks a try, haven’t played it since beta. The game play it self is more or less the same, but i enjoy it for now.

I have also been participating in Hawken alpha and MechWarrior Online Closed beta.

For now I am sticking with World Of Tanks. And then i started running again =)

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