Freshwater dive in Almind Lake, Denmark

Went for a dive today in Almind Lake. Its a fresh water lake, where there supposedly should be great visibility. Today was descent visibility, but i could easily have been better. I did get to take a few descent photos though :)

Log for the dive can be viewed here.
Photos are here below-

Last dive of July

Last night, after a fabulos dinner, my buddy and I went for a dive. After the dive we sat, enjoyed the view and drank a icecold beer and ate a piece of cake!

Karlby Klint

The log for the dive can be found here.

More SCUBA diving

Went off for a dive with a buddy from the local diving club. We went to a place referede to as “Nato molen”
The log for the dive can be found on my Dive log page, or via this direkt link.

Here are the selected few from that dive, no editing what so ever.

First Scubadive 2009

Thursday 2nd of April 2009, was my first dive this year. It was a nice dive along the nother pier in Grenaa, Denmark. Visibility was great, and the water cold!

The rented tank had a worn out O-ring though, which almost ended the dive before it began :( Luckily one of the guys had a spare O-ring with him, and after a replacement, we were ready to dive.

The dive was a nice pratice dive in bouyancy control in shallow water, which will be needed when going to Honduras in may.

Again, i reinstalled the Suunto Dive Manager program, so i can pull out the diving data from my Suunto D6 diving computer :)

The dive has been added to my dive log as Dive 0028 :)

First dive of 2008

Saturday 12th April 2008, was my first dive this year, and hopefully not the last. Comparing to Danish standards we had quite a nice visibility down there, in the depths of 6.5 meters …. hehe. Anyways, was an exciting dive, although i discovered that my rented regulator had an annoying bug, which made it pour out air even though i was not inhaling. It was quickly fixed by my buddy, and we carried on diving. During the dive, we picked up 2 Brill’s, which my girlfriend and i consumed later that evening for supper. The taste was, as always with fresh fish, nothing short of fantastic!

This will also be a opportunity for me to finally get reinstalled my Suunto Dive Manager program, so i can pull out the diving data from my Suunto D6 diving computer :)

Once i get that done, you can find the diving log in the Divers log page right here.

Update: The dive has been added to my dive log :)

Time to dive!

This is actually more a reminder to my self, but i seriously need to get my ass in gear, and get diving soon. Staying above water for months make my mind all fucked up =/

So, within the next 2 weekends, i need to go diving. Preferably SCUBA diving, otherwise i will have to settle for some free diving along the coast of Djursland!

Also, as for hardware, I just got some new parts for my H2O cooling, like a bigger reservoir and some new tubing. So time to pull out that darn air pushing fan, and replace it with my water cooling kit again =) That should allow me to overclock my q6600 back to around 3.6GHz.

In other news, i actually bought some software, i bought NOD32 Anti virus program. Haven’t found anything yet, and probably will not since my hardware firewall already scans everything vital as it comes through =)

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