I survived, walked away without a scratch!

Fuck, shit, crap, holy mother of god, dammit .. a lot of those words went through my head in the seconds from i realized i was going to crash.

I was driving on the superhighway after a night dive with my spear gun, and suddenly something jumped out in front of me, i think it was a deer. I yanked the car to the left, then my left wheel set was in the rabate, and i counter steered a bit too rough, and within a split second i was sideways on the superhighway with a speed of ~110 km/h and the car started rolling. I THINK i was doing like 6-7 rounds before the car was “parked” upside down on a hilltop with me hanging upside down.

Somehow i manged to stay calm, and get out of the car, pull all my belongings and dive gear out of the car. Then i called around to get someone to pick me up, and after 5 minutes a kind taxi driver stopped and came to see if i was okay, he helped me pull some stuff out of the car and took me into hes taxi to get warm while waiting for a friend i called for.

Within the seconds i rolled, i got to think over my life, good bad all that stuff .. and somehow i feel incredibly changed because of these 10 seconds of insane action last night.

I took some pictures of the car ( dont really know why i did that ), you can see them here below.

I just want to add .. life is fucking great, enjoy it while it lasts!

Update: I added another bunch of pictures from earlier today when i was out picking up my last few belongings from the wreck.

Update2: Parents came by today, so i get to dive the car, and we went to the crash site , and after seeing it, i feel even luckier, from what i could see the car had mowed down 2 x 10 inch think poles on the top of the hill, and the 3rd pole stopped the car from rolling further. Its just incredible that i was able to walk away from this accident. Its somehow hard to belive i was actualyl in the damned car when it happend.

I feel like sharing this awesome song/video that i heard a few weeks ago, today it REALLY makes sense to me! Play it .. listen .. enjoy .. and viva la vida from me ;)

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