The active father

so, its certainly been a while since i last updated my blog. So a short summary of what happened meanwhile comes here:

I stayed with my “program” and still do fitness twice a week that means i go to the gym do 30-40 minutes cardio, and then moving around some iron for another 45 minutes or so. It aint much, and I’m certainly not going to be an Arnold doing this, but it keeps me in shape. The ultimate goal is still to get completely rid of the blubber around my belly.

For a while i added running to the equation, and so i power walked to the gym and ran a detour home from the gym. This was done in a pair of running shoes from nike that I was given by my wife as a Christmas present. A few weeks ago i decided to stop running since i got a inflammatory pain behind my tibia bone, and i have diagnosed my selv with tibial stress syndrome, some call it Shin splints. I went and had a runners test done, which I should have done to begin with, and was told the shoes i had was a neutral running shoe, as it was suppose to be. Only it was made for runners in the 65-75 kilo class, and since im a solid 96 kilos, the absorption in the shoe was too poor resulting in my Shin Splints.

So now i need a new pair of runner shoes. i think im going for the Asics Nimbus.

That aside, i have put a lot of hours into Battlefield 3 in my spare time, but since the end of January i haven’t touched it. Do not know why, i think i just had enough for now.

Upcoming projects at home is real father stuff! I need to add a gate and replace a gate before the summer comes, since my boy Christian turns out to be the opposite of hes sister, whos a polite young girl that always does what shes told and never tries to run away…

Also, going to add a Jungle Gym to our garden. I cant wait to put it up, not to mention seeing the looks on the kids faces when they see it :) Especially since the look I saw on my daughters face when i setup her trampoline with safety nets yesterday as its just about springtime here.

Got hooked by fitness

so, over the years i have lived very well and without much excercise. So the past 10 years, since i meet my girlfriend i ganed somewhat 18 kilos ( that like, 36 punds ) that I intend to get rid of again. I started out with some simple fitness, following a friends program in a local fitness club.

However, as with all else, I cannot commit less than 100% to something. So what started as a slow workout thingy to get some excercise has gotten its hold of me. And after talking to a persoanl trainer, I have decided I not only want to loose weight, I want to become fit like I have never been before.

So as of November the 7th, I start on a diet that lasts four weeks. So with a “little” work, I should be able to loose some weight before christmas.

I will be posting before/after pictures as I come along, providing im satisfied with the results :)

Getting in shape!

For far too long i have kept my self convinced i was all good. But not too long ago i somehow convinced my self otherwise, that i was get fat and sloppy !

Instead of just crying on and on about it, i wanted to do something, so i made up this program of activities that i should do once a day, to shape up a bit. It failed :( Did not have the motivation or anything.

So, around 14 days ago, a friend of mine was visiting, we pitched a few baseballs ( with gloves and stuff bought at Times Square in NY when we visited the US in 2004 :D ) and had a few beers. We talked a bit about it, and he just recently starting swimming again after a short break. So i decided to jump along and start swimming as well. And for some unknown reason, i suddenly feel extremely motivated to do something!

So i changed my working schedule so that i meet 8.30 each day, allowing me to get up 06.00 to ride my bike 7.8 kilometers from home to Aarhus Swim stadium, where we then swim for roughly 45 minutes, and i then ride my bike the remaining 5.6 kilometers to work. And once I’m off from work, i ride the 12.8 kilometers home as well.

I’m starting to feel the change already, my weight has increased significantly, fat turning into muscles i assume :) And i have a lot more stamina than just two weeks ago. Right now its not really something mesurable, i need to get in shape first, then i can always start going for a certain distance when swimming for a certain amount of time etc.

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