This page holds descriptions of games that have impressed me in one way or another thrugh time. Call it my personal PC Games Hall Of Fame.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC

(Played May 2015 – currently)
Only playing GTA Online on PC version – for now. Much more fun on PC where you can aim properly with a mouse. Might revisit Single player – i just dont feel like starting over right now =)

Battlefield 4

(Played November 2013 – May 2015)
Reached Rank 100, and now most either play Hardline or GTA V – so not much going on.


Grand Theft Auto 5

(Played October 2013 – November 2013)
Awesome single player game, and fun Multiplayer. However due to the lact of content ( things to do ie. Heists) in GTA Online, I stopped playing it. That and the fact that the Bad Sport thingy phrohibited me from playing with my friends first 24 hours, then 48 hours, then 4 days and last 8 days. So next time i go on a spreee it would be 16 DAYS where i was in a confined space with cheats and wreckers.

Battlefield 3

(Played October 24th 2011 – January 2012)
Loved it, but somehow i got fed up with it. The good maps are too few and therefore i “quickly” became same old same old. Theres a larger patch incoming, i dont think it will make me play again though, but i will give it a shot when its out. Also, i guess im a DLC sucker now, since im actually hoping the DLC can bring something new to the game, that will meake me want to play again.

Battlefield 3 Open Beta Test

(Played October 2011)
Loved the Alpha, BETA was fine as well, although game enige af software were same “old” version we played in alpha.

Battlefield 3 Closed Alpha Test

(Played July 24th 2011 – August 1st 2011)
This will be the next big FPS, and considering its a Alpha, it lived up fully to my expectations. To me, it had the Battlefield Feel, not action rail crap like COD has turned out to. And not as slow as BFBC2 ( which, despite all, is GOOD).

Call Of Duty: Black Ops

(Played November 2010 – January 2011)
Remindede med a lot of Modern Warfare 2 .. I just became to repetetive too quick, was a descent shooter.

World Of Tanks Closed BETA

(Played June 2010 – December 2010)
Ended up beeing a “farm” game, eternal xp/gold grind. I played as Knuspar.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

(Played March 2010 – currently still playing it)
Find me ingame as 47th|Knuspar … want to add me? Add Knuspar ingame to play with me. I will for sure be playing this till the next game in the Battlefield series is released.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

(Played November 2009 – March 2010)
Used to play in-game as 47th|Knuspar. I enjoyed the Spec Ops mode VERY much indeed. ALso put 200+ hours in the MP part, doing regular FFS / TD etc.
I made a small MW2 montage at some time, its still on Youtube here.


(Played October 2009 – November 2009)
At first i dident think much of this game, but when i read a thread about it on i startede looking into it. I first downloaded the pirated version ( as i could not download the demo thrugh steam at that time, and i played it for 15 minutes ( Destroyer on Normal ), then i bough the game over steam, and rerolled to Hard mode as a Destroyer :) Im liking the game alot, it shall do good in killing time with me untill we have Diablo III :)
I made a few in-game videos whilst playing, see them here and here.

Grand Theft Auto IV

(Played December 2008 – June 2009)
Been waiting for 6 months for this baby, ever since it came for XBOX360 and PS3 i wanted it. I loved the franchise since i tried the first GTA years ago. The game is superb in single player, and i personally spent around 36 hours on the first run through.
Since then i played an additional 10 hours finding stunts etc. I’m thinking about starting over, to get all things done, working my way towards 100% completion =)
That aside theres a fantastic Multiplayer part in the game thats really a lot of fun, and im no where near done with that =)
I also messed around with the games video creator, and i made this video at some time. Later on i played Liberty City stories, and made this small video.

Mount and Blade

(Played November 2008 – December 2008)
Took me some time to find this pearl. I wat an “accident” that i installed the demo via STEAM, but after reaching level 8 in the game (which is max in the DEMO) i just HAD to buy the game. Its given me lots of hours of fun, and is very addictive. The “buzz word” for the game has to be 100% skill based combat, that actaully WORKS!

Far Cry 2

(Played October 2008 – November 2008)
I started of not expecting anything when i saw the first screes from the game, but as the developers let out more and more info about the game and the engine it was gonna run on. I got more and more dragged into a small hype.

The “free world” concept, where one can roam as you see fit was appealing to me, and so was the idea of setting a bush on fire and allowing the wind to burn down entire camps filled with enemies. And so i bought the game.

It became somewhat a farce getting hold of the game though. I insisted on having the game over steam, and so i contacted a friend who had a buddy living in Florida, since only Americans, Canadians and Mexicans could buy it over steam, due to the various Ubisoft publishers wanted to sell the game via hard copys only. In the beginning anyways, because the day after i had downloaded the game via steam, it was made public available in Europe as well over steam.

The game lived up to my personal expectations, and i completed the single player in ~32 hours. I never rushed, but i did not complete all side missions either, i had loads of entertainment though, so all in all a good experience.

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Combat

(Played November 2007 – June 2008)
I never expected too much of this game, but after trying out the demo, i just had to try it. I liked the way it was fast paced, and yet pretty to look at and very fun to play.

I completed the single player part of the game in a few days. But then i turned to the multiplayer side of the game, and Oh boy .. i found a treasure there, i played the game online, FFA, for a good 6 months, and i still play it occasionally now, as its still a blast.

World Of Warcraft

(Played February 2006 – December 2006 & later again February 2008 – June 2008)

I played a warlock in World of Warcraft, know as WoW, on a European server called Dentarg. I played on Alliance side, in probably the best Alliance guild on the server, both Player vs. Player as well as Player vs. Environment. Meaning both against other players, as well as against the game it self ;)

Back in February 2006 when i started playing WoW, it was because of “pressure” from a bunch of friends at work. The thought of the whole bunch of us having fun in a game together was thrilling and i jumped right in. Unfortunately, most of them quit before i reached level 60. That did not scare me though, i learned to love the game during the leveling phase, well not the leveling phase, but other aspects of the game :)

I started as a dude who almost got into the guild Ascendancy without having earned it, since i knew a guy who was a General in the guild, and he promised me a spot, even though the class leader for Warlocks said they were full. I joined, gave the better part of my life for 9 months or so to the guild, we did bunch of server first kills along side the guild.

Before i knew what hit me, i was class leader of the warlocks, then promoted to General and then our guild master, Lufluf, left for real life as we said :) I was promoted Guild master. I had that role for a little while before my better half demanded i cut down on my game time in this obsessive game, otherwise i would be single ;) Needless to say, she won :)

It did not take to long to realize for me, that not playing WoW hardcore as i used to (meaning all the time basically), was not a way i could live with. So i choose to quit instead =/

I quit the game December 2006, finally letting go by actually selling the account with my warlock on it for 250 Euro to a Norwegian. I suddenly did not have the time needed to play hardcore, and if it cant play hardcore, i prefer not to play at all.

My journey through wow took me as far as Patchwerk in Naxx, cleared spiderwing, took Noth and instructor as well.

Like i said, i used to be in Ascendancy, the most progressing alliance guild on the server. You can still find the guilds homepage here. I sometime stroll by the forums, there not much going on there anymore, the guild disbanded early 2007.
My main character was a warlock :)

January 2008, i choose to try WoW again, assuming i could play it non hardcore. i started out borrowing a friends account playing a lvl 64 rogue on its way to 70 .. but i realized the leveling thing just was not for me.

So i decided to buy a descent geared warrior who was lvl 70. I always wanted to play a warrior, but back pre-tbc there were just to many. Anyways, i get in a descent guild lead by a nice chap from Turkey, and i enjoyed the game again, for a short while. Thinking i found the guild i always REALLY wanted, allowing me to join hardcore raids, whilst being a casual guild.

I soon discovered that some of their members were complete and utter assholes, and my “dream” started to falter again, thinking i could actually find a community without morons felt like looking for utopia, and that convinced me to quit again.

Oh well, i did get to see all bosses in Mount Hyjal, and the first 5 bosses in Black Temple as well.

I know know for sure, im never coming back to WoW, or any other mmorpg for that matter :)

PS. Jannisary mate, if you read this, thx for being who you are, you’re just a great guy, unfortunately surrounded by idiots .. move on IRL, adore the GF get kids, once you’re there you’ll realize you shouldn’t have waited ;)

Lock On : Modern Air Combat

(Played sometime in ????)
I always loved flight sims, though, i need them to have weapons to be worth playing. LoMac, as it was called in short, had just that. Plus it had pretty stunning graphics ( for its time anyways) and it was very fun to play in multiplayer.

I especially recall a night mission with me and my buddy Lupaie, flying some A-10 Warthogs to go take out some tanks with maverick missiles .. oh boy that was a blast :)


(Played sometime in 2005)
Back in the Amiga days, i used to love a game called Frontier Elite II, which was a virtually endless game with space trade etc. So when some friends told me Freelancer was somewhat the same, just with nicer graphics, i decided to give it a go.

I remember having a dedicated server setup for the months we played it, and we had loads of fun in it. I found these screen shots on a old CD the other day :)

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