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so, its certainly been a while since i last updated my blog. So a short summary of what happened meanwhile comes here:

I stayed with my “program” and still do fitness twice a week that means i go to the gym do 30-40 minutes cardio, and then moving around some iron for another 45 minutes or so. It aint much, and I’m certainly not going to be an Arnold doing this, but it keeps me in shape. The ultimate goal is still to get completely rid of the blubber around my belly.

For a while i added running to the equation, and so i power walked to the gym and ran a detour home from the gym. This was done in a pair of running shoes from nike that I was given by my wife as a Christmas present. A few weeks ago i decided to stop running since i got a inflammatory pain behind my tibia bone, and i have diagnosed my selv with tibial stress syndrome, some call it Shin splints. I went and had a runners test done, which I should have done to begin with, and was told the shoes i had was a neutral running shoe, as it was suppose to be. Only it was made for runners in the 65-75 kilo class, and since im a solid 96 kilos, the absorption in the shoe was too poor resulting in my Shin Splints.

So now i need a new pair of runner shoes. i think im going for the Asics Nimbus.

That aside, i have put a lot of hours into Battlefield 3 in my spare time, but since the end of January i haven’t touched it. Do not know why, i think i just had enough for now.

Upcoming projects at home is real father stuff! I need to add a gate and replace a gate before the summer comes, since my boy Christian turns out to be the opposite of hes sister, whos a polite young girl that always does what shes told and never tries to run away…

Also, going to add a Jungle Gym to our garden. I cant wait to put it up, not to mention seeing the looks on the kids faces when they see it :) Especially since the look I saw on my daughters face when i setup her trampoline with safety nets yesterday as its just about springtime here.

Its been a while..

nothing fancy happend, except I realised that you dont have all the time in the world when youre a father of two :)

I got my dive log updated, that is, the pdf files they link to are the correct ones, the desciptions however are missing. For some stupid reason i belived i could remember all details, but the dives were in may 2009, and thats just too long ago :)

Also, theese dives are only my recreational dives, i dont bother to start logging my commercial dives electronically. They are kept in my log bok as they are suppose to.

I got some new hardware as well, so the hardware page has been updated as well to be current.

Other than that I have refound the love of tattooing. So im geting loads of “needle-time”, I just got a custom sleeve back from a spanish artist i asked to design me a diving related sleeve. I will post pictures as i get sessions done.

Here below are some pictures of the latest ones :)

The stars arent done yet, as there needs to be added a few smaller ones and some starfog as well.

And for thoose having a hard time reading english script, it sats Christian and Julie on my calfs.


I now have a son, and then some =)

phew, its been a while since my last update, but so many things have been going on, that i somehow neglected my own blog/webpage.

However, lots of things have happened. First and foremost, on 24th september we were given a son, we are going to name him Christian. He was 51 centimeters “long” and weighed 3680 grams at birth. My daughter Julie is very proud of him, and after she got over the first bit of jealousy, shes quite happy about him.

Our house, bought febuary 2009, is a story in it self, and i will post a very long and detailed explanation about the whole issue once were settled back home. A short summary though, there was a small dent in the living room floor, that we contacted the insurance company about, and now we live temporarily in an apartment while the whole house gets cleaned from a sever mold infection =/ The cool thing is, we will get an improved house to move back into in a good week from now. Below you will find a few selected pictures from the process of rebuilding the house. I will make another post with pictures and video from the whole process once were moved back home.

On the personal side, i have picked up running. I decide one night to do SOMEthing, so i just did it! I found an app called Nike + GPS on the Appstore and downloaded it to my iPhone4, and then i took off running. 2,36 painfull kilometers later i had my first run for years behind me.
Since then i picked up the pace, and just today i did a 5 kilometer run with a average speed of 4 minutes 59 seconds pr. kilometer which was one of my goals. The reason i started running was because i did not exercise enough, and so i decided to set myself some goals, some with a time limit and some without. So, here for all to view are a list of goal ( will add them to a side bar shortly after this post ) that i have set for my self.

  • Run 5K on a regular basis
  • Run 10K faster than 60 minutes
  • Run a half marathon
  • Do a 5 minutes static breath hold
  • Run a marathon!

Feel free to follow my running over on my profile.

Well, it started out pretty standard with me wanting to loose weight, which is the main reason along with me getting fit enough to do long breathholds, which again leads to me doing more freediving. I want to get some depth on my freediving as well, but first of all, theres hardly any places near me where there is sufficent depth to call it deep. So thats on hold for the time beeing.

Vacation in Denmark

14 days of vacation is over, and i have had two nice weeks with my family. For more of the family activities, go visit my familys homepage (its under links).

I also got to do a lot of spear-gun fishing, which i enjoy alot. Theres a few pictures from below. I plan to start making a camera mount for my spear-gun during autum, so i can start making some film of the hunt.

I am now a house owner

actually, my girlfriend and I are house owners, and what a feeling =)

After selling our apartment early January, we  decided to get down to business. For almost a year, we have had our eyes out for what houses were on the market, so it wasn’t that hard finding the right  house.

What was hard though, was convincing the sellers that they should accept a loss when selling. We ourselves had the same “problem” when we sold our apartment. We “got away” with a minimal loss though. The ones were buying the house from did not ;) They were looking at another house as well, which they bargained down as well. So three happy couples were made during this trade.

We knew we were looking for a house in the, more or less, perfect surroundings for our children to grow up in, as of now we only have one daughter. We also looked for a house that would require minimal work before moving in, and we also wanted everything to be as new as possible.

We found the house, a bit overpriced for us, but we decided to make a shamefully low offer, which was declined, we did that twice, raising it a bit each time off course. And eventually we reached a price that suddenly awoke the interest of the real estate agent. And within a week, he had convinced the sellers to sell for our low price, and he then helped them get a bargain on what they wanted as well.

The pictures from the house, as they looked on the real estate agents homepage can be found below. I made my own mock up of a detail plan for the house, since the house werent for sale that long, they never got around to making one them selves :)

Anyways, here it is. Enjoy =)

Holy christ

.. but, seriously, so much new stuff happening in my life, that its almost too much :)

Well, first of all, getting used to being a dad is something. Requires lots of time, and lots of sleep you don’t get :) But in the end worth it off course.

I started making an effort to loose some weight and get into a better shape, so I’m swimming 3 times a week combined with running two times a week is the way i do it for now. Its hard like hell, since my body was actually getting way to used to doing nothing since the sprained ankle back in September. Plus off course eating a bit more healthy that i used to, meaning less gravy and more vegetables etc.

I really need to get in shape, as i plan to start diving again. And thats SCUBA as well as free diving. And for that i need to be in at least a descent shape =)

Monday 11th February, my first two weeks of fraternity leave ends. And i will be going back to work again, which i actually look forward to again =)

Ohhh, and here is a picture of a tired, BUT proud dad :)

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