Reborn Raw – Prison Escape, Horsens

After participating in the opening race of Reborn Raw, near Lederborg castle back in September on the 10 kilometer distance. I was convinced to try out the 20 kilometer distance as well.

So I signed up for the Reborn Raw Prison Escape Horsens 2014 Vol. 3 race, 20 kilometers, 39 obstacles. I knew it would be a challenge, since my longest run ever was 12,7 kilometers 9 days before Reborn Raw. I decided to give it a go, hoping that my fitness level due to cross-fit, was high enough to get me through.

I would say it was, as we completed the 20 kilometer course 2 minutes faster than i did the 10 kilometer run in September. This time 6 boys running where as in Roskilde we were 4 boys and 4 girls.

I was actually quite shocked that we did it in 1:56, especially since we never ran faster or gave ourselves more, that we were able to talk while running. I’m very proud of our effort, but at the same time a little bit disappointed that we didn’t give the extra 10% we probably had, and got a “killer time”!

Finish time: 1:56:51 (67 out of 183 competitors) – again, I’m very proud of this :-)

This time around, i had borrowed a Go Pro camera from a neighbour, which was chest-mounted, so i have somewhat 1 hour and 20 minutes of video that needs editing ( kind of boring watchinga dude running for an hour. It has been edited down to this.

Other than that theres a few pictures in Reborn Raw gallery here below.

More info on the particular race can be found here.

Reborn Raw

After convincing myself that I have reached a sufficient fitness level, I decided to tag along with a bunch of guys and girls from my local Crossfit box for a obstacle run. Theres a new concept run, called Reborn Raw, supposedly the toughest obstacle race on the planet!

My furthest run ever is 10 kilometers, although that’s over two years ago, I decided to stick with the Vol 1. version of the run which is a 8-10 KM run. I really wanted to do the 18-20, but was too unsure if i could do it, so next time perhaps :D

The run was fun and challenging, with lots of running on slopes and nice challenging obstacles.

We came as a team, 8 of us from Grenaa, and we participated as a team, which felt great. I was a little bit disappointed when we came in with the time of 1:58 because it was only 10 kilometers, but as we found of the fastest on the 10 km track was 1:24, it was okay :-)

I did not bring anything to take pictures of track anything, so all i have is pictures and video from before and after. I did manage to catch two of the guys from the box during the first few minutes of the race.

I’m pretty proud to have completed it, and see it as another milestone on my journey from unfit 108 kilo lazy bastard towards where ever crossfit and willpower will take me, because I’m freakkin hooked ;)

Me after beeing Reborn RAW - and a cold shower :-)

Me after beeing Reborn RAW – and a cold shower :-)

Finish time: 1:58:46

More info on the race can be found here


Back in January, i stepped up onto our weight and was chocked a the huge gain I have had the past years! In short, i was weighing a total of 108,3 kilograms! At a height of 184 centimeters, that’s quite a large BMI of 32.

I was chocked and decided to act upon it.

So i finally decided to tryout Cross Fit, and did I find what i was looking for? Oh yes. Although Cross Fit as such did not give me any significant weight loss, it came from putting myself on a diet. No more starch basically and no more weekend candy.

I’m now at 95,2 kilos with a BMI of 28,1, my fat percentage has dropped from 25,2% to 17,2% since early February, and I’m happy as hell. In fact my metabolic age dropped from 44 to 23.

So how did Cross fit do that to me?
I got motivated! In the sense that the people in our box, were helpful, open minded and not at all judging. Where I previously went to the local gym and you felt like looked down upon unless you were a bodybuilder look-a-like.

If you’re considering increasing your fitness, take two minutes to watch this video :-)

Feel free to follow my workouts. I write down all WODs and times down here, on my Workout page.

More on Crossfit (Wikipedia)

Almost Nine months…

since my last update, thats far too long!

Mean while loads of stuff happend, my running is a bit up and down, I tend to start out too hard after long breaks, giving me shin splits!

I watched KMD Ironman last weekend live on, I had a few friends who actually comptede, and I was amased by their effort, I dream to once do that. Although time is not exactly on my side as i turned 35, but again, life aint over just because you turned 35 :)

As for gaming, well, I havent really played much as I have had lost of other things to do, but a little bit of World Of Tanks I have played, and I will try to keep playing it a bit this time, although not too much as I tend to do.

Also, im playing a iOS game!! Vs. Racing 2, its quite fun :)

Running again …

after being in London, where i bought a new pair of running shoes (Asics Nimbus 13). I started running again. You can follow my runs on my workout page. I log them via Endomondo on my iPhone, where i also use a Waoo Heart Rate monitor as well.

The funny thing is, prior to using the Heart Rate monitor, it said that i with my current height and weight would burn approximately 550 cal on a 5km run, but after using the Heart Rate belt it has dropped to ~430 cal. I’m assuming its because I’m apparently more fit than the average guy with my weight and height, otherwise Endomondos calculations are just way off.

Still gaming

its been quite a while since my last post. Mostly because i have been too occupied by other things.

I am still gaming, and participating in lots of betas and alphas.

Months ago, shortly after Close Quarters, i more or less stopped playing Battlefield 3. I simply just had enough i think. A friend convinced me to give Word Of Tanks a try, haven’t played it since beta. The game play it self is more or less the same, but i enjoy it for now.

I have also been participating in Hawken alpha and MechWarrior Online Closed beta.

For now I am sticking with World Of Tanks. And then i started running again =)

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