Got a “new” car ..

or more like, got a used car. But a very fine one it is.

Thanks a lot again to my dad for helping find it for us. For those who missed it, the old car was kind of wrecked, but we got a nice new one. Still a Toyota, though this time a Carina E 1.6 XLi a station wagon as well.

It runs great =)

I survived, walked away without a scratch!

Fuck, shit, crap, holy mother of god, dammit .. a lot of those words went through my head in the seconds from i realized i was going to crash.

I was driving on the superhighway after a night dive with my spear gun, and suddenly something jumped out in front of me, i think it was a deer. I yanked the car to the left, then my left wheel set was in the rabate, and i counter steered a bit too rough, and within a split second i was sideways on the superhighway with a speed of ~110 km/h and the car started rolling. I THINK i was doing like 6-7 rounds before the car was “parked” upside down on a hilltop with me hanging upside down.

Somehow i manged to stay calm, and get out of the car, pull all my belongings and dive gear out of the car. Then i called around to get someone to pick me up, and after 5 minutes a kind taxi driver stopped and came to see if i was okay, he helped me pull some stuff out of the car and took me into hes taxi to get warm while waiting for a friend i called for.

Within the seconds i rolled, i got to think over my life, good bad all that stuff .. and somehow i feel incredibly changed because of these 10 seconds of insane action last night.

I took some pictures of the car ( dont really know why i did that ), you can see them here below.

I just want to add .. life is fucking great, enjoy it while it lasts!

Update: I added another bunch of pictures from earlier today when i was out picking up my last few belongings from the wreck.

Update2: Parents came by today, so i get to dive the car, and we went to the crash site , and after seeing it, i feel even luckier, from what i could see the car had mowed down 2 x 10 inch think poles on the top of the hill, and the 3rd pole stopped the car from rolling further. Its just incredible that i was able to walk away from this accident. Its somehow hard to belive i was actualyl in the damned car when it happend.

I feel like sharing this awesome song/video that i heard a few weeks ago, today it REALLY makes sense to me! Play it .. listen .. enjoy .. and viva la vida from me ;)

Toyota Corolla 1.3 XLi

Ja, som overskriften hentyder til, saa er vi blevet bil ejere. Tusind tak til Iver fordi han gad bruge tid paa at finde den helt rigtige bil til os, hvis alle havde saadan en supermand til at finde en bil med, saa ville verden blive et bedre sted :)

Dette er ogsaa det foerste indlaeg paa dansk, da jeg gerne vil have at alle kan foelge med i hvad her foregaar. Jeg skal lige se om det er noget jeg gider, hovedaarsagen til det er at dem i vores familie som ikke laeser engelsk ikke skal snydes, saa maaske det bliver et kompromis omkring det skal vaere dansk naar det er relateret til ting jeg vil dele med dem, og engelsk naar det er ting jeg vil dele med resten af verden. Hvem ved, mon ikke jeg brygger et lille site omkring vores lille, soon-to-be familie, saa jeg kan adskille det lidt, da jeg jo godt kan lide at skrive lidt om hardware og alle mulige andre noerdede ting som resten af min familie noedvendigvis ikke interessere sig for :)

Her er lige et par billeder af vores Toyota Corolla 1.3 XLi Station-car fra 1995.

Short recap in english: got a new car, thrilled about it, thanks to my dad for finding and buying it. Considering to go danish with the blog still, unless i buy a domain name for our small family and use that for family related stuff and this blog for personal stuff :)

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