Grand Theft Auto V

I have become a child again! This game is absolutely fantastic. So far i have played somewhat 45 hours in it,. I completed the main game ( 69 mission) but I’m still roaming and having a blast in the game.

The detail of the mini-games within the game is simply amazing. For instance, the golf game is pretty good, and has hours in it self :) Lots of races, dart, base jumping, random missions where you can attack armored cars for cash.

Also there is the possibility to “play” with stocks! So you can actually earn money, in game, investing in stock.

A solid 10/10 and a big smile on my face, this game is what I craved when i 15 years ago played “Stole a Million” on Commodore 64!

A small glimpse of how i played the game can be seen here.

Just before doing a base-jump of a crane in the city

Random event, police stopped a getaway car, the vigilantes won!


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