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Some months ago i quit my old IT job, and decided to try something completely different. So i startede on commercial diving school Safe Air and i just recently completed the surface supplied course along side Nitrox course. So now I am now a Commercial Diver Class A+B+C with Nitrox according to IDSA standards.

Here below are some pictures from the education, which have been very evolving for me personally as well. I got to overcome things i was more or less scared of before. For instance i think i have been cured of my claustrophobia. I have also fallen even more in love with diving, which i found hard to belive at first was possible, but it is :

Running around, literally, on the sea bed with a helmet working your ass of is just so fantastic a feeling. Must be the closest thing you can come to feel like the astronauts on the moon felt when running around partially weightless!

Click the thumbnails here below to see the various videos.


after quitting my job at / i had to take over the dsl line they had provided me with not to be “internet-less”.

However, the dsl was with my old company which was TDC, and they apparently still suck big time when it comes to pricing. So, i decided to go with Fullrate, who can offer me 4 times the upload for the same price. And the funny thing about it, is that they use TDCs DSLAMs :)

Chasing the dream!

Yesterday i took a big step ( officially, since i have been working on it for some weeks ), and i quit my job as a data consultant with .

Monday im starting on my self paid education as a commercial diver. The divers traning is a IDSA standardized course, and when im done with my initial package, i will be certified to work as surface suplied diver to 100 feet with nitrox.

TDC failed .. again!

I wrote in december 2007, that TDC did not let go? I found out, when looking over my tax returns, that they dident act as they said they would! So instead of getting ahuge tax return, i got a extra bill from the danish IRS on 620 kroner.After looking into it, i could change my own tax return papers online, and now ill get my 20000 dkkr ( actually 23785 dkkr) back, as i was suppose to. So thank you TDC for NOT informing the IRS that you payed me too much money, which you got back from me again!

Kick Off !

Went to a kick of for the year 2008 with my new job. A day with some interesting speaker like Erik Veje Rasmussen and in the evening, we watched a handball match. Was quite a fun evening. Had alot of beer, and it was alot of fun :)

TDC did not let go?

I’m just gonna write a really short version of it here, and then make it a bit more “juicy” later. In short, i quit my job with TDC 21st august 2007. I had my last working day 30th September 2007, but somehow TDC manged to keep paying me salaries for October and November.

My old email still worked, so i figured something was wrong, and contacted my old boss a few times, without result, until yesterday. Now they finally quit me, like they should have done 2 months ago.

Off course resulting in them sending me a bill on 19K Danish kroner which was the 2x salaries they payed me too much, minus what extra hours i had saved there as well. It was quite frustrating that nothing happened, and almost scary that they did not let go till i practically yelled at them on the phone =/

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