Switch from home built server to QNAP TS-419+

After having had a custom server running in my office for almost 6 years, I decided to plug-in a Watt meter the other night to measure exactly how much power it was drawing. I was shocked ..

Before I reveal what happend afterwards let me first explain that I always used my “old” gaming rig as base for a server. So when my main computer was upgraded, the old parts were usually moved into the server, except for graphics card card. I always had a low profile, passive cooled, low-end in the server, as it would be accesed using remote desktop anyways. The server was also always set the server op for power saving mode, so when it wasent used it ould almost go into sleep mode. Rough server specs were:

    CPU: q6600, RAM: 4 GB DDR2, SSD: 1x 40 GB, HDD: 5x 500 GB, 1x 750 GB, 3x 1000 GB, PSU: 650 Watt ,FANs: 5x120mm (Including the one for CPU cooling)

Back to the Watt meter, it showed 153 Watt when IDLE! At boot up it would consume 330 Watt!
So, how much is that a day? Or per year?

    153 Watt * 24 Hours = 3672/1000 3,672 KWH a day
    Current pricing where I live is 1,69 kroner per KWH, so
    3,672*1,69 = 6,20 kroner per day or 6,20*365 = 2263 kroner per year!

2263 kroner a year, just in power!

I had for some time been looking at the “Nas World” and never found any good reason because I would be limited in what i could do with my server then. If i had a Server running on a “2nd generation high-end PC” i would always have extra power for hosting a game server. Now i was a t a point where i had to reconsider if i needed that freedom at all.

I made a quick calculation on what a NAS would cost pr. year running. I found a QNAP TS-419P+ Nas that looked to be able to offer what i really needed, or more correctly, i had everything i knew i would want, and then some. Two main things were posibility to have lots of space and low power consumption. It can handle 4 disk of up to 3 TB a piece, so a total of 12 TB and according to its specs it peaks at 31 Watt ( although thats with 4 x 500 GB disks ). Running cost per year with 31 Watt constantly would be:

    31 * 24 = 744/1000 = 0,744 KWH a day
    The price of a KWH is still 1,69 kroner per KWH, so
    0,744*1,69 = 1,25 kroner per day or 1,25*365 = 456,25 kroner per year!

Thats a yearly saving of 2263 – 456,25 = 1806,75 kroner per year! Do note that i calculated the NAS running cost as if its working all the time, and the Sever calculation was made while the system was idle.

Since i got the NAS, i discovered that i actually dont need all the things I used to convince my self i should have a powerfull server for. Also, i have found numerous cool small things to install on it, like iStat, CrashPlan, TwonkyMedia just to mention a few.

On top of this Im starting to love this whole SSH Console thing, so trying to move away from the, otherwise, pretty webGUI the Qnap comes with.

Users strike back at Ubisoft because of DRM

Ubisoft is, like many other large game companys, very focused on protecting their games with one or another DRM software. As for the game From Dust, this is a little special thing. The game was first announced to be without Ubisoft’s “always-on-DRM” what so ever, but prior to release Ubisoft changed their minds and added their dreadfull “always-on-DRM”.

This resulted in many pre-ordering a nonDRM game, ending up with a DRM loaded title that many had problems getting to launch properly. People on STEAM started getting refunds because of this ( hitting their pockets ) and soon after Ubisoft followed up by offering moneyback as well.

So, why is this worth writing about?

It is because Ubisoft gave in to the masses, and just yesterday announced that an upcoming patch will remove the DRM from From Dust to PC.

Google Chrome BETA

So, i have been using it as an alternate browser at work ever since release day, and at work it seems to work just fine for my needs there. All i use it for is a little websurfing, youtube.org break.com etc. so thats just fine.

Here on my home computer though, i have gotten so used to some very nice plugins in Firefox that its almost impossible for me to accept Google Chrome as it is.

It is BETA software, im aware, but some of the very nice features id like to see (read plugins) would be syncing bookmarks with Foxmarks, that might be a bit unrealistic, since that was designed for Firefox, but i do NOT want to install google toolbar just to be able to sync my bookmarks.

Another thing i belive thats missing is something that blocks ads, i couldent care less if certain sites live on ad money, they can open up to donations instead. There is, in my opinion, enough ads in daily life as it is already.

Though, i have to admit that the speed of Google Chrome, despite me using FasterFox plugin for Firefox, is far superior to Firefox, and IE6/7 for that matter!

Then theres the compatability with Java, it seems i can only get my netbanking ( nordea.dk ) working when using a late beta of the newest Java. Again, Google Chrome is still just BETA, so things will probably change.

Time to dive!

This is actually more a reminder to my self, but i seriously need to get my ass in gear, and get diving soon. Staying above water for months make my mind all fucked up =/

So, within the next 2 weekends, i need to go diving. Preferably SCUBA diving, otherwise i will have to settle for some free diving along the coast of Djursland!

Also, as for hardware, I just got some new parts for my H2O cooling, like a bigger reservoir and some new tubing. So time to pull out that darn air pushing fan, and replace it with my water cooling kit again =) That should allow me to overclock my q6600 back to around 3.6GHz.

In other news, i actually bought some software, i bought NOD32 Anti virus program. Haven’t found anything yet, and probably will not since my hardware firewall already scans everything vital as it comes through =)

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

I am … working on becoming a Rock legend :)

I got the game Guitar Hero 3: Legends Of Rock for Wii as an early Christmas present from my girlfriend last night. And so, the night just vanished and i had spent roughly 5 hours playing a virtual guitar in my living room :) WOW, this game is awesome, and insanely entertaining!

Not knowing this game, is almost a mortal sin, at least thats what i think now. Its the most brilliant and entertaining game i have played for .. well, several years ! To see what i am talking about, i would like to suggest looking at some of the guitar hero 3videos from Youtube, they can be found here.

This could end up being a swell game for new years eve, where we are having friends over :D

No news is good news

currently nothing to write about really.

My ankle i getting a lot better, still hurts when i walk, although i do work normally ( more or less anyways).

Also considering making the blog totally danish, since i think my parents and parents in law would prefer it that way once i start spamming the site with stories and pictures of the daughter were having January 2008 :D

Just not sure how exactly I’m gonna do that, i don’t feel like translating all the old stuff, but i guess time will tell :)

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