Battlefield 3 failure

so, it seems like there’s nothing exciting happening with BF3 recently. Lack of information from the development team regarding patches despite the fact they released a preliminary patchnotes list a week or so ago.

They keep blaming consoles for the long patch time with PSN/M$ needing to approve everything. I play on PC god dammit, I don’t want to wait longer because of the console shit. Theres a reason to why i choose the superior platform dammit.

So, I think it’s because they have shifted their focus towards their DLC stuff, which makes themno better than Activision, and that makes me sad.

So thank you for the hours in BF3, unless you come up with some real magic, don’t expect to find me in there again. Also the friends i used to play BF3 with feel more or less the same as me, whereas there’s very few solid team players in the game and therefore reason to play.

The active father

so, its certainly been a while since i last updated my blog. So a short summary of what happened meanwhile comes here:

I stayed with my “program” and still do fitness twice a week that means i go to the gym do 30-40 minutes cardio, and then moving around some iron for another 45 minutes or so. It aint much, and I’m certainly not going to be an Arnold doing this, but it keeps me in shape. The ultimate goal is still to get completely rid of the blubber around my belly.

For a while i added running to the equation, and so i power walked to the gym and ran a detour home from the gym. This was done in a pair of running shoes from nike that I was given by my wife as a Christmas present. A few weeks ago i decided to stop running since i got a inflammatory pain behind my tibia bone, and i have diagnosed my selv with tibial stress syndrome, some call it Shin splints. I went and had a runners test done, which I should have done to begin with, and was told the shoes i had was a neutral running shoe, as it was suppose to be. Only it was made for runners in the 65-75 kilo class, and since im a solid 96 kilos, the absorption in the shoe was too poor resulting in my Shin Splints.

So now i need a new pair of runner shoes. i think im going for the Asics Nimbus.

That aside, i have put a lot of hours into Battlefield 3 in my spare time, but since the end of January i haven’t touched it. Do not know why, i think i just had enough for now.

Upcoming projects at home is real father stuff! I need to add a gate and replace a gate before the summer comes, since my boy Christian turns out to be the opposite of hes sister, whos a polite young girl that always does what shes told and never tries to run away…

Also, going to add a Jungle Gym to our garden. I cant wait to put it up, not to mention seeing the looks on the kids faces when they see it :) Especially since the look I saw on my daughters face when i setup her trampoline with safety nets yesterday as its just about springtime here.

Battlefield 3 just beat Modern Warfare 3

its a provocative titel. I personally dont belive the two games/franchies are even close to competing, as BF delivers a less “rail-gun”-like experience with a tighter and much more social community. Where as CoD series, to me, ever since CoD2 choose the console side as a primary dedication with matchmaking, rail-shoting with small tight CQB maps.

Today EA/DICE revealed a Multiplayer trailer from the upcoming game, Battlefield 3. It takes place on the map Caspian Border, and shows 64 player action with jets, tanks, humvees and infantry. It will be massive!

Also enjoy the PS3 BF3 CO-OP video

And if you want to see the whole BF3 part of the EA Pressconference, check out this video.

Battlefield 3 Will NOT be on STEAM!

Official EA sources say: NO BF3 on STEAM

The twitter message says it all. BF3 wont be on STEAM!

Its a purely buisness oriented if you ask me. EA/DICE desgined it with the purpose to “break” Valve/Steams guidelines so they would have a legit public reason to not put it on steam. Im not, like others, saying they did it to be a Origin exclusive, because its not, its on D”D and other DD services as well.

I hope that some of the many guys i have spoken too stand by their desicion not to buy the game, but if most are die hard BF fans like my self, they will have to choose wisely, they shoould preorder the game as a hardcopy instead of on Origin to make a statement, again this is easy said, as I my self have ordered it on Origin for two reasons, one, i refuse to have hard copys in the year 2011, and reason number two, i need my BF fix so i wanna join the BETA.

For more in detail information, read the full blog post by EA, that can be done here.

Battlefield 3 Alpha Test Part 3

The Battlefield 3 Alpha test has ended, with that the site was taken down as well.
They got loads of feedback from most participants.

It was a pleasure while it lasted, and eventhough its only hours ago, I already crave more BF3 blood! I hope they leave friends added in battlelog stay connected, once it opens ago for the open beta, as well as when the final game is released :)

Seems lige 25th october 2011 is a VERY long time away. Then again, the open beta thats coming later this summer/early fall will hopefully take of the edge ;)

I asked a DICE guy early this morning, when they were going to shut down the alpha, and this is what he replied.

DiceLidgren Chat from Battlelog

Battlefield 3 Alpha Test Part 2

So, the Alpha test have been underway for some days now, however theres still a NDA in effect.

However, that does not forbid me to say that its a bit slow progress in the stage of fixing things. The Alpha is suppose to end august 1. and then, afaik, they will take all the input they got and prepare for open beta later this year.

There has been a bunch of small bugfixes, but again, the purpose of this closed Alpha is to test server side things.

Theres a few things suggested thats not currently in the alpha, that are kind of need to have if you ask me. The biggest thing is that there would have to be several gamemode, like casual/normal/hardcore, so it would be a crowd please no where you looked.

Time will tell, till then enjoy this official FPS montage of metro station maps in rush mode. The only map and mode currently in the alpha.

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