Battlefield 3 Will NOT be on STEAM!

Official EA sources say: NO BF3 on STEAM

The twitter message says it all. BF3 wont be on STEAM!

Its a purely buisness oriented if you ask me. EA/DICE desgined it with the purpose to “break” Valve/Steams guidelines so they would have a legit public reason to not put it on steam. Im not, like others, saying they did it to be a Origin exclusive, because its not, its on D”D and other DD services as well.

I hope that some of the many guys i have spoken too stand by their desicion not to buy the game, but if most are die hard BF fans like my self, they will have to choose wisely, they shoould preorder the game as a hardcopy instead of on Origin to make a statement, again this is easy said, as I my self have ordered it on Origin for two reasons, one, i refuse to have hard copys in the year 2011, and reason number two, i need my BF fix so i wanna join the BETA.

For more in detail information, read the full blog post by EA, that can be done here.