Battlefield 3 failure

so, it seems like there’s nothing exciting happening with BF3 recently. Lack of information from the development team regarding patches despite the fact they released a preliminary patchnotes list a week or so ago.

They keep blaming consoles for the long patch time with PSN/M$ needing to approve everything. I play on PC god dammit, I don’t want to wait longer because of the console shit. Theres a reason to why i choose the superior platform dammit.

So, I think it’s because they have shifted their focus towards their DLC stuff, which makes themno better than Activision, and that makes me sad.

So thank you for the hours in BF3, unless you come up with some real magic, don’t expect to find me in there again. Also the friends i used to play BF3 with feel more or less the same as me, whereas there’s very few solid team players in the game and therefore reason to play.