I am now a house owner

actually, my girlfriend and I are house owners, and what a feeling =)

After selling our apartment early January, we  decided to get down to business. For almost a year, we have had our eyes out for what houses were on the market, so it wasn’t that hard finding the right  house.

What was hard though, was convincing the sellers that they should accept a loss when selling. We ourselves had the same “problem” when we sold our apartment. We “got away” with a minimal loss though. The ones were buying the house from did not ;) They were looking at another house as well, which they bargained down as well. So three happy couples were made during this trade.

We knew we were looking for a house in the, more or less, perfect surroundings for our children to grow up in, as of now we only have one daughter. We also looked for a house that would require minimal work before moving in, and we also wanted everything to be as new as possible.

We found the house, a bit overpriced for us, but we decided to make a shamefully low offer, which was declined, we did that twice, raising it a bit each time off course. And eventually we reached a price that suddenly awoke the interest of the real estate agent. And within a week, he had convinced the sellers to sell for our low price, and he then helped them get a bargain on what they wanted as well.

The pictures from the house, as they looked on the real estate agents homepage can be found below. I made my own mock up of a detail plan for the house, since the house werent for sale that long, they never got around to making one them selves :)

Anyways, here it is. Enjoy =)