Far Cry 2 absolutly rocks

Im not gonna write a review or anything, my opinion on this great game though is, one should really try it. Sure the world is not s “free” and “destructible” as claimed pre-launch.

But it is a great looking game in a very nice scenery. There is a few things one could argue about in the game, like the respawn timer on guard posts, personally i dont find it that hard to get around them. What i do hate is, they have vegetation in the game, but its useless for cover against the NPCs, they see right through it :(

Currently im ~56% complete with the single player main quest, but i fancy taking side mission for diamonds, so i can buy and try all weapons :)

Anyways, here is a gallery of screen shots i have taken so far in-game, there might be spoilers, so now you are warned. The gallery gets updated as i add more pictures.

Update: I completed the game last night ( 04.11.2008 ) and i love it. Last picture shows my “stats” in-game.

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