Google Chrome BETA

So, i have been using it as an alternate browser at work ever since release day, and at work it seems to work just fine for my needs there. All i use it for is a little websurfing, etc. so thats just fine.

Here on my home computer though, i have gotten so used to some very nice plugins in Firefox that its almost impossible for me to accept Google Chrome as it is.

It is BETA software, im aware, but some of the very nice features id like to see (read plugins) would be syncing bookmarks with Foxmarks, that might be a bit unrealistic, since that was designed for Firefox, but i do NOT want to install google toolbar just to be able to sync my bookmarks.

Another thing i belive thats missing is something that blocks ads, i couldent care less if certain sites live on ad money, they can open up to donations instead. There is, in my opinion, enough ads in daily life as it is already.

Though, i have to admit that the speed of Google Chrome, despite me using FasterFox plugin for Firefox, is far superior to Firefox, and IE6/7 for that matter!

Then theres the compatability with Java, it seems i can only get my netbanking ( ) working when using a late beta of the newest Java. Again, Google Chrome is still just BETA, so things will probably change.