Copenhagen Zoo

So, last weekend i had the chance to visit Copenhagen Zoo, and i took a load of pictures off course. Which you can see here below.

Its funny, as much as i like to see the animals, im still despised by the fact that we keep animals imprisoned, just for us humans to stare and moan! On the other hand, it makes more people aware of many of these magnificent animals. So for the greater good, and for the sake of education i guess i accept it.

But looking at for instance the Leopard in Copenhagen Zoo, gave me the same vomiting, tear pressuring feeling as when i watched a Tiger in captivity in Phuket Zoo in Thailand. It was wandering back and forth on a 4 meter stretch, as if it had gone crazy. Only difference is, the Tiger in Phuket on had 3 meters to walk on, they leopard had a huge cage that was ~8×15 meters. Still don’t justify keeping the animal captive like that.

I think i will need to visit Ree Dyrepark soon, supposedly, the animals have very large outdoor areas they can run around in, and act somewhat normal. I know their cheetahs are fed with the food being dragged at 65 mph, so they at least have the chance to stretch their muscles.

Anyways, heres the pictures from the Zoo that i would like to share :)