Shark conservation!

Has gotten my interest, not that i dident have it, but after watching Sharkwater i feel obligated to help in whatever way i can. I cant really explain it, but i see my self as more of a Discovery Channel generation than a MTV generation kid. And i have always been a great fan of nature despite me being a bit nerdy focusing so much on computers etc. at times.

Anyways, my point is, you should watch Sharkwater, with a open mind off course, some of it is probably more propaganda than facts ( like the quote “Soda pop machines kill more people than sharks”) which i actually think is a shame they write, that made the movie go a bit more un serious than what i think was intended.

The fact that sharks are being hunted solely for their fins (which they are!) is much like elefants being killed soley for they ivory tusks! The difference is though, that people love to hate sharks and therefor don’t give a rats ass about them dying.

So, i was catching my self thinking, if it wasn’t for my 6 months old daughter and my soon to be wife, and the fact that im somewhat a materialist. I need the income for us to uphold our living standards .. What im saying is, god i would have joined the Sea Shephard if i had been single !