Its been a while..

nothing fancy happend, except I realised that you dont have all the time in the world when youre a father of two :)

I got my dive log updated, that is, the pdf files they link to are the correct ones, the desciptions however are missing. For some stupid reason i belived i could remember all details, but the dives were in may 2009, and thats just too long ago :)

Also, theese dives are only my recreational dives, i dont bother to start logging my commercial dives electronically. They are kept in my log bok as they are suppose to.

I got some new hardware as well, so the hardware page has been updated as well to be current.

Other than that I have refound the love of tattooing. So im geting loads of “needle-time”, I just got a custom sleeve back from a spanish artist i asked to design me a diving related sleeve. I will post pictures as i get sessions done.

Here below are some pictures of the latest ones :)

The stars arent done yet, as there needs to be added a few smaller ones and some starfog as well.

And for thoose having a hard time reading english script, it sats Christian and Julie on my calfs.