Users strike back at Ubisoft because of DRM

Ubisoft is, like many other large game companys, very focused on protecting their games with one or another DRM software. As for the game From Dust, this is a little special thing. The game was first announced to be without Ubisoft’s “always-on-DRM” what so ever, but prior to release Ubisoft changed their minds and added their dreadfull “always-on-DRM”.

This resulted in many pre-ordering a nonDRM game, ending up with a DRM loaded title that many had problems getting to launch properly. People on STEAM started getting refunds because of this ( hitting their pockets ) and soon after Ubisoft followed up by offering moneyback as well.

So, why is this worth writing about?

It is because Ubisoft gave in to the masses, and just yesterday announced that an upcoming patch will remove the DRM from From Dust to PC.