I quit wow

Well, without writing an essay about it, i have put away world of Warcraft for good. The expansion, Burning Crusade, coming up soon, i decided to quit before it came, due to the sole fact, i cannot play the game hardcore, therefore i choose not to play.

I guess i quit on top, being guild master for the, at the time, leading alliance guild Ascendancy. Whom i have been with since level 43, sometime in February 2006, i guess you could say the majority or my spare time have been spend on that guild for the past 9 months.

What on earth to do with all this free time ?!? I don’t know really, i can hardly think of what i did before i started playing wow, i guess i spent all my time playing Battlefield 2 :) Stay tuned to keep updated :D If you give a fuck that is ;)

For more info on my “WoW history” check my this page.

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