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Dead or Alive ..

last night, when i came home from work, i decided to put my ftp in to use, and grabbed the movie DOA: Dead Or Alive. I was not 100% sure what to expect, i guess i assumed it would be a animated movie with tits all over! Since, i know the Dead or Alive game series from Xbox. Which is a pretty descent fighting game. Based on that i guessed it would be a fighting movie, and it was.

I cant say i was disappointed, but i did not get surprised that much either :) It turned out to be a fairly good action movie with lots of skin and nice special effects. Some of the special effects were kind of crappy, but i guess its always like that. If its worth watching? Don’t know really .. took me 15 minutes to leech it from a FTP, so cant say i wasted anything but time i guess =)

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