12 days till Thailand!

Its getting close to the vacation. I found out that the IXUS 65 i had ordered could not be delivered till 31st January, which is after we take off :( So i took the liberty of ordering a Canon IXUS 800IS instead. Currently, yes .. on a Sunday!! .. I’m at work, bringing this weeks working hours to a sweet 76 hours :D

Other news is, i killed my exchange server the other day, however I got it running again, but i screwed up the RPC over https part :S Oh well, only me using it anyways, i guess the OWA will do fine till i find time to fix it :)

I played a little Raindbow Six:Vegas lately, i used to play the original Rainbow Six series when it came out. But the kind of ruined the whole concept with Lockdown. Then i gave Vegas a chance and it totally rocked :)