Getting in shape!

For far too long i have kept my self convinced i was all good. But not too long ago i somehow convinced my self otherwise, that i was get fat and sloppy !

Instead of just crying on and on about it, i wanted to do something, so i made up this program of activities that i should do once a day, to shape up a bit. It failed :( Did not have the motivation or anything.

So, around 14 days ago, a friend of mine was visiting, we pitched a few baseballs ( with gloves and stuff bought at Times Square in NY when we visited the US in 2004 :D ) and had a few beers. We talked a bit about it, and he just recently starting swimming again after a short break. So i decided to jump along and start swimming as well. And for some unknown reason, i suddenly feel extremely motivated to do something!

So i changed my working schedule so that i meet 8.30 each day, allowing me to get up 06.00 to ride my bike 7.8 kilometers from home to Aarhus Swim stadium, where we then swim for roughly 45 minutes, and i then ride my bike the remaining 5.6 kilometers to work. And once I’m off from work, i ride the 12.8 kilometers home as well.

I’m starting to feel the change already, my weight has increased significantly, fat turning into muscles i assume :) And i have a lot more stamina than just two weeks ago. Right now its not really something mesurable, i need to get in shape first, then i can always start going for a certain distance when swimming for a certain amount of time etc.