TDC took me offline!

So, i recently quit my job in TDC, and one of the things that had to be done was for me to take over payment on my DSL line, since TDC obviously wont pay for it anymore, since I’m no longer employed.

Thats just fine, its a very simple thing, i know i worked with it, to change the billing address. However, nothing much changed in TDC the past 5 years i worked there when talking about efficiency and failure to do the simplest of things. So as the most natural thing in the world, i expected to be disconnected.

And i was right to do so :) I was suppose to take over billing starting 20th September, and 20th September 00:27 local time this appeared in my firewall log:

20Sep2007 00:27:52 Primary Local Area Network (LAN) connection terminated after 7 day(s), 12 hour(s), 50 minute(s), 48 second(s)

I went to bed 19th September around 23.00 so i noticed nothing until 20th September 8:30ish in the morning. I knew exactly what was wrong, i just could not understand why. If I had ordered the speed of the connection changed or made some other changes of some sort to the technical side of it, i would have had a bit of understanding.

Anyways, knowing how long it can take to call the primary help desk function of TDC, i called some of my x-colleagues, who could see they had completely removed me from their management systems, meaning in short; i was non existing DSL user with my ISP!

I asked the guy politely if he could get me back into the management system again, and he then called another department internally in TDC and made them restore me.

Cheers ! Im just gladim not a “regular” customer who would have had to wait for several hours to just know what the hell happend :)

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