TDC did not let go?

I’m just gonna write a really short version of it here, and then make it a bit more “juicy” later. In short, i quit my job with TDC 21st august 2007. I had my last working day 30th September 2007, but somehow TDC manged to keep paying me salaries for October and November.

My old email still worked, so i figured something was wrong, and contacted my old boss a few times, without result, until yesterday. Now they finally quit me, like they should have done 2 months ago.

Off course resulting in them sending me a bill on 19K Danish kroner which was the 2x salaries they payed me too much, minus what extra hours i had saved there as well. It was quite frustrating that nothing happened, and almost scary that they did not let go till i practically yelled at them on the phone =/