Its closing in on me!

Well, the topic makes it sound a lot worse than it is :) But there’s a few chapters in my life that’s gonna change shortly. Tuesday 22nd January, i have a drivers test, if i pass, i get my drivers license. (some would say 11 year s too late .. ) This will end a chapter in it self, as the process of taking the damned license was way to long for my liking. But it has to be done, as im about to embark on a journey into the unknown with my girlfriend .. as we are most likely only days from becoming parents. A thing that i, from friends and family, hear is the most fantastic experience you will ever have. I mean, not being able to drive a car with my pregnant girlfriend to the hospital when the time is due, would be downright catastrophic!

The passing week was also the first week where i went swimming again since i twisted my ankle :( It was a hard time swimming, as i discovered i was stiffer in my ankle than i expected. Oh well, more training will make it better. I’m expecting to become a regular guest in the swim stadium this year. Reason? Well, simple, i have been getting fatter and fatter over the past 5-6 year, and for the past few years, i have usually been a big heavier around Christmas then in the summer. But it has to change now, the past few days i have fallen over several pictures taken ~5 years ago. And i like who i looked back then better than now :( Also, my neoprene suit for diving wont fit all sizes :) And i really need to get dipping again.

Upcoming launch for a danish site/blog is immanent, as i know several from our family will prefer stuff written in danish about our baby :) More about that later :)

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