First dive of 2008

Saturday 12th April 2008, was my first dive this year, and hopefully not the last. Comparing to Danish standards we had quite a nice visibility down there, in the depths of 6.5 meters …. hehe. Anyways, was an exciting dive, although i discovered that my rented regulator had an annoying bug, which made it pour out air even though i was not inhaling. It was quickly fixed by my buddy, and we carried on diving. During the dive, we picked up 2 Brill’s, which my girlfriend and i consumed later that evening for supper. The taste was, as always with fresh fish, nothing short of fantastic!

This will also be a opportunity for me to finally get reinstalled my Suunto Dive Manager program, so i can pull out the diving data from my Suunto D6 diving computer :)

Once i get that done, you can find the diving log in the Divers log page right here.

Update: The dive has been added to my dive log :)