Got hooked by fitness

so, over the years i have lived very well and without much excercise. So the past 10 years, since i meet my girlfriend i ganed somewhat 18 kilos ( that like, 36 punds ) that I intend to get rid of again. I started out with some simple fitness, following a friends program in a local fitness club.

However, as with all else, I cannot commit less than 100% to something. So what started as a slow workout thingy to get some excercise has gotten its hold of me. And after talking to a persoanl trainer, I have decided I not only want to loose weight, I want to become fit like I have never been before.

So as of November the 7th, I start on a diet that lasts four weeks. So with a “little” work, I should be able to loose some weight before christmas.

I will be posting before/after pictures as I come along, providing im satisfied with the results :)