Almost Nine months…

since my last update, thats far too long!

Mean while loads of stuff happend, my running is a bit up and down, I tend to start out too hard after long breaks, giving me shin splits!

I watched KMD Ironman last weekend live on, I had a few friends who actually comptede, and I was amased by their effort, I dream to once do that. Although time is not exactly on my side as i turned 35, but again, life aint over just because you turned 35 :)

As for gaming, well, I havent really played much as I have had lost of other things to do, but a little bit of World Of Tanks I have played, and I will try to keep playing it a bit this time, although not too much as I tend to do.

Also, im playing a iOS game!! Vs. Racing 2, its quite fun :)