Graphics Card Crash – And why EVGA is my preferred choice!

So, after not being home for a weekend, I come home and turn on my computer, there’s a weird windows kernel graphics driver error, and my Graphics card somehow seems to obtain a flaw!

I try rebooting the computer as i suspected it being an error in windows, but no change. So i try to uninstall the driver and re-install it, without and results. Video of the attempt to install the video card driver can be seen here.

So, after concluding my card is busted, I go to and log into the site, fill out a support ticket, as I bought my 580 GTX there years back. And as i back when i got it, registered the card within the 30 day limit, I am apparently entitled to a 10 year limited warrenty. On top of this, support replies, that from what i described i should RMA the card.

3 days later, the UPS guy is in my Driveway, and gives me a package from EVGA, containing a EVGA GeForce GTX 670 Signature 2 card :-O

So basically they upgraded me as well, since the 580 GTX weren’t in stock anymore. I am so great full, and just have to share this.

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