Time to dive!

This is actually more a reminder to my self, but i seriously need to get my ass in gear, and get diving soon. Staying above water for months make my mind all fucked up =/

So, within the next 2 weekends, i need to go diving. Preferably SCUBA diving, otherwise i will have to settle for some free diving along the coast of Djursland!

Also, as for hardware, I just got some new parts for my H2O cooling, like a bigger reservoir and some new tubing. So time to pull out that darn air pushing fan, and replace it with my water cooling kit again =) That should allow me to overclock my q6600 back to around 3.6GHz.

In other news, i actually bought some software, i bought NOD32 Anti virus program. Haven’t found anything yet, and probably will not since my hardware firewall already scans everything vital as it comes through =)