Haze over Haarum

So, tomorrow is my 28th birthday! Ill get on a train, to go home to my parents, they are helping at a local festival, thats held annually where i come from. Haarum is a small piece of land, just east of the small town of Harbo?re. Anyways, the festival is really fun, and its the place where every local that ever lived in Harbo?re, or nearby small communities have a chance to meet. Usually, thats the only place where i meet old classmates, since I’m not involved with any of them otherwise.

This year, I’m helping as well. Its a volunteers job, however you get a “free ticket” for helping, so ill help Thursday and Friday, and have Saturday off (its a 3 day festival). Anyways, for more info, feel free to browse by the festivals homepage http://www.haze.dk/.

For the same reasons, as mentioned above, ill practically be off line till Sunday evening, when i expect to be back home in our flat :)