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Antec Performance P180B

I just got a new case for my PC, which i am currently (re)building, basically the only thing i will keep from the old one, is the hard drives. Since everything else have been replaced recently. And i am just awaiting more price drops on Quad core processors from Intel. Anyways, i got this 1000 Watt NorthQ silent PSU, which i will need for when i buy a new graphics card.

I fittede it in my new case from Antec, a P180-B which i really really like since the second i saw the mechanical drawing to it :)

I took some pictures as i unwrapped the case, forgot to take some during and after i sat in the NorthQ PSU. They will come later :)

All i need now is for my new hardware to drop sufficient in price, so that i wont have to go to bed crying over buying it too expensive :)

That should happen shortly, since Intel plans on the price for the Q6600 Processor to drop to 266$ during 2007 Q3.

Update: i honestly belive they have mistakenly sent me a P182 instead of a P180B since my new kabinet has all the features of the P182 that are “fixes” from the P180 =/ The box for it does say P180B though Look for yourself here.

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