ATI shot their own feet!

For starters, I’m still waiting for the Q6600 processor to drop in price, so that i can get my system upgraded.

I’m still somewhat undecided on whether or not i should replace my faithful GeForce 7800 GTX card yet, and get a GeForce 8800 GTX. The thing is, i was kind of hoping/expecting that ATi would come out with their next gen graphics card around now, and that it would blow away the competition from nVidia. So that they would drop their prices a bit, making it somewhat affordable.

However, this article, shows something different, the new ATI card called ATI Radeon HD 2900 XTX failed. It can almost perform the same as the 8800 GTX, and i think everyone was hoping it would blow it away. Theres a lot of reasons why it could be wrong, the 8800 GTX is being tested with a driver thats a bit more tested since its already on the marked, while the ATi card is being tested on a RC driver. Now i guess i will have to wait for nVidia to release the 9800 GTX series, which should make the 8800 GTX series be a bit less pricy :)