Wii .. i think i need one!

This weekend, i borrow a friends Nintendo Wii, along with the nuncucks with it, and the game Wii Sports. I must say, its even more amazing than i dared to hope for.

One could argue that the graphics on the Wii gets no where near the graphics of Xbox 360 or PS3, at all. But the Wii delivers something quite unique still, its controller is used in a new way, where it can be used as a baseball bat, golf club and even as a pair of boxing gloves!

I played with it for a little over 8 hours during Saturday, and the “punishment” for the intense action it is playing Nintendo Wii set in today, all my muscles are sore as a result of boxing my way to Pro level in Wii sports :D

The Nintendo Wii is amazing, and i need my own!

You can read more about the Wii here on wikipedia and here from nintendo.com.

Update: May 1st 2007

I actually ordered one today :) Chipped with a WiiKey and ready to use it, i ordered it with a black case though.