Samsung 37″ LE-37M87BD

I have fallen in love .. with another piece of hardware, this time though, not something directly for my computer needs.

For a long time I wanted to have a replacement for my old Samsung 28″ CRT tv, which is immensely huge and ugly. And the other day i saw the Samsung 37″ LE-37M87BD. It suits me in every way possible. Its 37″ which is enough for our relatively small living room, it has Full-HD support, which means its capable of 1080p and it even has a built-in digital tuner. In short: the flat screen monitor of my dreams :) On top of all this, its fairly cheap considering equally quality products compared to Sony’s products.

Its fair to say I put in the hours at work to buy this, my girlfriend actually claims I lived at work for the past few weeks:) Also, it will surely, be nice for watching some movies on :)

Update: Now i actually have it, look here for when it was delivered. And here for the installation :)