Ever since i was in Turkey, sometime in 2004, where i for the first time tried SCUBA diving, i have been more or less obsessed with the thought of diving. February 2007, whilst being in Thailand, my dream came through, i dived around the national park on Phi Phi Ley in Thailand, and became a certified PADI Open Water Diver. This was most likely the most thrilling experience i ever had in my life, at the time being ( now its the though of beeing a father ), therefor i guess its natural to do some more of it :)

A while ago a friend of mine, whom i was roadtripping the US with in 2004, asked me if i wanted to come dive in Egypt later this year. I think it was about the same time as i talked with him about going to US in 2008 to dive actually. Anyways, he asked, and i was extremely thrilled about it. Now, that’s just one step closer, i asked another god friend of mine if he wanted to come along, since at this time we were 3 guys, and when diving you need to be paired, since you always have a buddy, and he did :)

So, i booked the trip yesterday, and payed the deposit, and today i went to a local dive shop called Quatre Force Diving here in Aarhus and bought a mask, fins and a snorkel as well. Plus some other mask for free diving, since i also have taken a interest in underwater hunting ( snorkeling, and then diving with one breath of air, armed with a speargun ). I simply cannot wait to get going. I ordered some gear ( weight belt etc. ) over the internet, which should arrive Friday, and perhaps i can get to test it during the weekend :)

Also, im curently considering taking the Advanced Open Water Diver course with PADI as well.