Cinema trip!

Tonight I’m going to the cinema with a buddy, were going to watch Transformers, and after that we will take a look at Die Hard 4.0, also known as Live Free or Die Hard.

After reading a mixed variety of reviews of both movies, i don’t know what to expect, as long as I’m entertained.. then who gives a fu*k ? ;) I know i don’t! Tomorrow i will fill in my personal opinion on both movies.

Thats just about all I’m gonna do today :) Besides chilling a bit of GTR2 with my Logitech MOMO Wheel ;)

UPDATE: Well, both movies were my taste, so i actually liked them both. Sad thing though, that Die Hard 4.0 was made PG13, no more blood, no MacClane smoking, and no more bad cursing. Transformers was a nice action movie with a lot of special effects. I liked it, some hate it =/